A variety of measures are used to relieve swelling as soon as possible. First, the surgery has to be accurately performed. If the surgical procedure minimizes bleeding and tissue damage, the patient experiences less swelling and fast recovery. Second, hyaluronidase is injected to the surgery site during surgery to reduce swelling. This is a direct and effective method, by which the cause of swelling, hyaluronic acid, is removed. Third, shots for relieving swelling are injected during postoperative hospitalization period.


The most common cause of man pattern hair loss is the inheritance of hair loss gene from any of your parents. As male hormone testosterone promotes the gene expression, hair follicles are detached. The cure for such hereditary hair loss has not been known. The age when hair loss begins, its severity and pace differ depending on individuals, and serious diseases, nutritional deficiencies or lack of vitamin intake can accelerate the process. The misuse of hair dye and chemicals could damage hair and hair follicles and cause permanent hair loss, but wearing hats, frequent shampooing, poor blood circulation, and clogged scalp pores are not the cause of hair loss.
Successful surgery outcome is dependent on how well the patient follows the postoperative guidelines. A small scab forms on the hair graft site, and it disappears in 7 to 10 days. The surgical scar is inconspicuous because it is hidden by other hair. However, patients are advised to take at least 2 days??rest after surgery, and avoid doing violent physical activities for 5 days. Stitches are removed in 7 to 10 days after surgery, and patients are free to wear a cap anytime. On average, grafted hair falls out in 2 to 4 weeks, and regrows in 3 to 6 months by 1 cm per month.


The total number of procedure is decided based on the followings:
1. The size of surgery site
2. The total number of follicular units
3. Desired hair density
4. The individual hair condition (Thick and rough hair makes one look more thick-haired than thin hair.)


The cost of hair transplant has been lowered than ever. After the doctor closely examines the hair loss and consults with the patient, he or she suggests the time and price required for meeting the goal. Patients might be confused by the different costs suggested by surgeons. Doctors estimate the cost based on follicular units, the number of hair or the number of procedures. The patients find it most important to have highly natural and satisfying look with an affordable cost. Once you have hair transplant surgery, you would find it incomparably satisfactory and think that the cost is the most worthwhile spending in your life. Hair transplant is worthy only when the patient gets satisfied. The cost is an important factor, but it does not tell everything.


No. What you need to know is that this procedure is to reposition healthy hair, but not to grow additional hair. Hair transplant is not capable of producing the same hair density as the natural condition. If you try to transplant hair too densely, necrosis could occur on scalp tissue or the survival of hair follicles could be impaired. The hair harvested on the back of the hair is four times as thick as it on the front. Therefore, even though the hair density could be reduced after surgery, but its look has no difference from normal hair.


Three to six months after transplant surgery, 90% of grafted hair begins to grow. More specifically, 60% begins to grow in 3 to 4 months, and 40% in 4 to 6 months by 1 cm per month. The newly grown hair is thin but it becomes thicker. Noticeable aesthetic effect appears at least 9 months after surgery and around that time the new hair is 3 to 6 cm long.


The excessive gum display while smiling is called ?쁝 gummy smile.??This can be correctly by surgical method in which part of a muscle is cut so that the upper lip is not raised above the gum while smiling. But if the bone under the gum is too long, the bone reduction is recommended.


Plumb cheeks are usually due to fat pads below the oral mucous membrane. In this case, the fat can be easily removed through a tiny hole on the membrane. This procedure is very simple and causes little swelling, making it a good option for those who have concerns with heavy cheeks.


In principle, if you gain weight, your cheeks also gain fat as much as other areas do. However, the amount of cheek fat is relatively small, and it hardly becomes plump again after surgery.


It is important to differentiate between body odor and excessive sweating. Body odor produces a sour smell regardless of season. Excessive sweating also smells but its smell is different from the characteristic sour smell of body odor. Excessive sweating is seasonal and produces a smell similar to foot odor in hot summer or times of sudden nervousness. Excessive sweating can be easily treated with Botox injection.


Axillary osmidrosis is known to be hereditary and have prepotency. So if one parent has axillary osmidrosis, the children have it with a 50% of possibility. If both parents have it, the children have a 75% chance. About 20% of the patients, however, have no family history.


Patients are advised to have the surgery during school breaks while they are still attending middle or high school. It is better to be done as earlier as possible past puberty, because axillary osmidrosis begins to show symptoms at puberty, and it could affect personality development in the vulnerable period.


Dimple creation surgery is performed at our clinic. It produces no side effects and little swelling. But you need to a 2- to 3-month recovery period, during which you have dimples on your face all the time, and after which you have dimples only when you make expressions. The surgery is simple and takes around 30 minutes.


Underarm body odor is present in anybody. In other words, it is not a disease itself. But if the odor is so excessive to cause discomfort to others, it is called axillary osmidrosis and treated as a disease. No method can remove it completely. However, ?쁝xillary osmidrosis correction through liposuction??of our clinic is more effective and satisfactory than other procedures.