◆ Surgical information      

         Anesthesia: IV Sedation+Local Anesthesia

         Post Op.Treatment Visits: 3-4 times

         Stitch Removal : No Stitch removal (Dermabond)

         Recovery Care: Bruising &swelling care



What is gynecomastia ?

Some men have over-developed breasts and this is called gynecomastia. 

This is caused by hormone change, weight gain, aging and drug side effects but this can be corrected with a surgery.


    1. Minimum incision and fast recovery  

      Perfect plan minimizes the incision and operation time which 

      can lead to a fast recovery.

    2. Fat type

      This is corrected with a liposuction procedure.

    3. Fibrotic glandular tissue type

     Small incision is made under the breast and tissue is directly cut out for a correction.

     Male Breast Reduction for REAL MEN



People who have noticeably big breasts

People who have saggy breasts from weight gain

People who have hard breasts tissues

People who have bigger areolar than average size

People who work out but their chest does not get in shape



 ◆ How Surgery Is Performed





    01. Examine and analyze patient's

           condition with ultrasound scan

    02.  Comsult wiht breast surgery

            specialist Dr.Jea Woo Kim

    03.  Devise a surgeyr plan suitabie

             for each patient

     04.  Perform surgery and monitor