Procedure Information  


Assigned after a consultation with an operatingmedical team

Anesthesia: anesthesia withcream

In-clinic treatment: none

String removal :none

Recovery care: none

What is an aqua injection? 

An aqua injection is an injection of hyaluronic acid that carries 200 - 300 times more water than what is in our body.

An instant moisturizing, elasticity improvement and whitening can be achieved.

At April 31Plastic Surgery Clinic, we use restylane vital products for aqua injections and the result is safe,

instant and long lasting even just with one procedure.

APRIL 31 PLASTIC SURGERY Characteristics ofAqua Injetion

 An instant moisturizing  

effect to a dry skin  


   An improvement of facial wrinkles 

   with a high level of water content

 An improvement of  

elasticity and tone of skin  

   Does not affect your daily life

 A pore minimization effect  

   A use of genuine product by our 

   medical team 'FDA approved




Candidates for aqua injection

A person who has dry skin

A person who wants to improve their skin texture that became harsh from exhaustion and rapid weather change

A person who wants to improve a dull and harsh skin texture

A person who wants an instant moisturizing effect

A person who wants a skin moisturization and anti-aging effect

A person who wants to achieve amake-up friendly skin


Add a natural looking volume to your face safely and precisely. 

Steps of aqua injection procedure

    STEP 1 


    STEP 2 

    Anesthesia with cream

   Consult about skin flaws its solution for 

   animprovement with the operating medical

    A simple anesthesia using cream is performed. 

    * 30-50 minutes of waiting

    STEP 3 

    Aqua injection procedure

 STEP 4 

 Sedation and regenerating laser treatment

    An operating medical staff injects a 

    restylane using a syringe.

 A treatment that gives you a steady long lasting effect

is performed.