◆ Surgical information     


Performed by Dr. Sung Wan Park

Anesthesia: General Anesthesia

Hospitalization:  1day / 3 to 4 postoperative visits

Stitch Removal : In 7 days (not necessary for  intra-oral stitches)

Postoperative Care : Bruising & swelling care

What Is Long-Curved Square Jaw Reduction?


If mandible angle is overly reduced, secondary angle or side effects can be provoked. April31's Long-Curved Square Jaw Reduction creates 

natural mandible angle by making a long-curved resection along and all the way to the end of wide mandible. This procedure makes a well-defined 

and slim V-line especially from the frontal view and creates a natural beauty without any surgical look. The success of this surgery is dependent on 

surgical technique and aesthetic view of the surgeon. April 31's Facial Contouring Specialist Dr. Sung Wan Park promises a natural-looking V-line 

based on his accumulated know-how, superb aesthetic view and constant academic research.


Actual April31's patient who had facial contouring surgery 

√ Check Point

Effect of April31's Long-Curved Square Jaw Reduction

• Produce golden ratio V-line through one-on-one consultation

• Correct facial asymmetry

• Create natural and elegant look

• Produce a slender jawline from mandible angle to the chin



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The Reason April 31's Long-Curved Square Jaw Surgery Is Special 

01. More Precise and Accurate Square Jaw Surgery with Zenith 3D CT
It is crucial to closely examine the bone structure and the location of blood vessels and nerve lines in advance of facial bone surgery. 


 Zenith 3D CT scanning system optimized for facial contouring surgery produces simultaneous 2D and 3D images, through which surgical changes can be readily identified and more precise and accurate surgery is possible.


02. One-Time Surgery and Substantial V-Line Effect  

One-time surgery can produce significant V-line effect, because this procedure resects the well-developed mandible in a long line including mandible angle, mandible body and mental protuberance, and if necessary the thickness of muscle and bone is also reduced. 

03. All Facial Contouring Surgery by Dr. Sung Wan Park 

The success of facial contouring surgery is dependent on the surgical experience and aesthetic view of the surgeon. Facial Contouring Specialist Dr. Sung Wan Park conducts all facial contouring surgery at April 31 Plastic Surgery Clinic and guarantees a safe surgery and natural-looking outcome. 


◆ Candidates for Long-Curved Square Jaw Reduction 

Those who have well-developed mandible angle

Those who want to reduce wide face

Those who have well-developed jaw bone and muscle

Those who want to have slim V-line face

A combination of necessary surgical techniques is applied depending on the cause of square jaw 

including 'well-developed bone, muscle and fat.

Various Surgical Methods of Square Jaw Reduction


 Square Jaw due to Large and Broad Mandible

1. Long-Curved Square Jaw Reduction

Square jaw due to large and broad mandible is reduced through a long-curved resection from mandible angle to the chin. While preserving part of the mandible angle for natural look, one-time procedure produces a dramatically slender jawline in front, side, 45°, and 360° view and from every direction. Particularly, this surgery requires profound experience and skilled technique of the surgeon. If necessary, muscle reduction and cortical osteotomy are simultaneously performed maximizing the effect.


Too Thick Jaw Bone
2. Cortical Osteotomy

If the jaw bone is too thick, cortical osteotomy (lateral cortical osteotomy) is simultaneously performed with Long-Curved Square Jaw Reduction to produce a slender oval face and smooth jawline.

Well-Developed Jaw Muscle

3. For Well-Developed Jaw Muscle

(a muscle of mastication or masseter muscle)

If the jaw bone is poorly developed and the masticatory muscle is well-developed, Botox injection is effective enough. Also, square jaw reduction itself induces muscular degeneration and consequently reduces muscles. If you want to have a semi-permanent effect of Botox injection, or both your bone and muscle are well-developed, muscle reduction is simultaneously performed with square jaw reduction to enhance V-line effect. 


Checklist before Long-Curved Square Jaw Reduction

1. In principle, Long-Curved Square Jaw is performed to adults over the age of 19 years old whose facial bone has been fully developed.

2. Patients are hospitalized for one day after surgery and postoperative swelling lasts for one week or up to two to three weeks.

3. Intra-oral incision and general anesthesia are used for this surgery.


◆ Treatment Plan





      01.Examine facial structure and 

      surrounding soft tissue through 

      3D CT scanning

     02. Consult with Facial Contouring 

     Specialist Dr. Sung Wan Park

      03.Devise a surgery plan suitable

       for each patient

     04.Perform surgery and monitor