Short procedure duration, long term conditions during long effect


An instant volume can be achieved for deep crease, flat forehead and breast with a simple touch of a syringe


Assigned after a consultation with an operating medical team

Anesthesia : anesthesia with cream 

In-clinic treatment: none

String removal: none

Recovery care: none

What is filler? 

It's an injection of hyaluronic acid, calcium and body-friendly ingredient for improvement 

on deep creases, scars and volume of skin. 

This procedure is very popular among busy officer workers, bride-to-be and celebrities because it's simple and easy, yet results are 

shown immediately. It can also be used on various areas including deep nasolabial folds, eye wrinkles, flat forehead, dark circles, 

nose bridge and even flat chest. At April 31 Plastic Surgery Clinic, we only use genuine products and inject a right amount of dosage 

after analyzing the problem by our medical team.


Advantages of Filler

The volume stays for a long time since we only use genuine products and inject a right dosage

A beautiful face line is designed by our medical staff's great aesthetic sense

Immediate volume effects due to simple procedure

Almost no side effect since the material is body-friendly


Areas that can be injected with filler


Eye Wrinkles

Under Eyes


Under Eyes

Dark Circles

Nose Bridge

Nasolabial fold




Candidates for Filler Procedure 

A person who wants to improve deep nasolabial fold, forehead, eye area and lips

A person who wants to remove a deep scars and acne scars 

A person who wants to add a volume to cheeks and forehead 

A person who wants to a higher nose bridge without a surgery 

A person who wants a bigger chest

A person who wants to remove dark circles 

A person who wants to look younger with under eye fat

Add a natural looking volume to your face safely and precisely.

Steps of Filler procedure

STEP 1 Consultation

Consult about skin flaws its' solution for an improvement with the operating medical

STEP 2 Anesthesia with cream

A simple anesthesia using cream is performed.

* 30-50 minutes of waiting

STEP 3 Filler procedure

A medical staff performs a Filler procedure on the area where it needs an improvement

Postoperative Cautions

1. A rare case of bruising and swelling might occur but it will disappear within 1-3 days 

2. The result is shown immediately and depending on a product, it can last up to 1-2 years.