◆ Surgical information 

Specialized surgeon: Dr. Won Suk Oh 

Anesthesia :IV Sedation + Local Anesthesia

​Post operative treatment visits : 3-4 times

Stitch removal :7 days after

Recovery Care : Bruising and swelling care 

What is Upper Eyelid Fat Repositioning (Sunken Eye Correction)?

Aging or diet can cause a lack of subcutaneous fat in the eye area, and the loss of fat layers leads to sunken eyes. 

Sunken eyes not only make you look tired and older, but also make it harder to raise eyelids, causing ptosis. 

Generally, Eyelid Fat Graft is performed/chosen to correct sunken eyes. However, there is a high risk of recurrence because of the low engraftment efficiency resulting from rapid eyelid movements.

"Dr. Won Suk Oh's enhanced Upper Eyelid Fat Repositioning guarantees 

the best and most effective results for correcting sunken eyes"


◆ Candidates for Upper Eyelid Surgery

- Those who have sagging upper eyelid due to aging

- Those who have obstructed sight due to severely saggy upper eyelid

- Those Whose eye look sleepy because of droopy upper eyelid

- Those Who easily feel tired because of droopy eyelid and whose eyelashes poke the eye

◆ Different Techniques of Upper Eyelid Surgery

* Complete Natural-Looking Eye Shape with Precise and Safe Method

01. If skin sagging appears only on the eyelid

Upper Eyelid Surgery

STEP 01. Design

STEP 02. Remove loose skin and muscle

STEP 03. Remove fat too if necessary

STEP 04. Make a natural-looking double eyelid line appropriate for patient's age and suture the incision along the line

02. If severe skin sagging appears in both forehead and eyebrows

Sub-Brow Surgery

• If skin sagging appears across forehead and eyebrows as well as upper eyelid, Brow Lift or Sub-Brow Lift could be performed depending of the condition of individual patient. 

• Sub-Brow Lift effective for those who have severe sagging at the outer corner the eye, and if performed with buried Suture Double Eyelid Surgery, it can produce natural-looking double eyelid folds.


  Surgical method

 Resect and lift skin through an incision below the eyebrow


 • Cause no damage to original double eyelid fold

 • Leave almost no scar and tack a short time for recovery

 • Have a good effect on severe skin sagging around the eye

 • Correct droopy eyebrows


Check out April 31's Upper Eyelid Surgery on video! 

Real Story Video 


◆ Treatment Plan  





       01. Examine facial structure 

          and condition

      02. Consult with Eyelid Surgery 

         Specialist Dr. Won Suk Oh 

     03. Devise a surgery plan suitable 

        for each patient 

        04. Perform surgery and 

         monitor recovery