◆ Surgical information     


​Anesthesia : IV Sedation + Local Anesthesia

Post operative treatment visits : 2-3 times

Stitch removal :7 days after

Recovery Care : Bruising and swelling care 

 ◆ What is Elastic Lifting?

Elastic Lifting is a type of thread lifting that uses elastic threads instead of inelastic kind that is commonly used. The result of elastic liftig is very stable and natural yet, the incision is minimized and recovery is very fast that you almost have no downtime. The damage to tissue is reduced and it delivers a natual result that does not interfere with making facial expressions.


      April31 Plastic Surgery Clinic Elastic Lifting


The Elasticum invented by Dr. Sergio Capurro in 1998 is an elastic band designed

for facial lifting and is made with silicone and polyester. This band provides a

natural facial movement with its elasticity


Advantages of Elastic Lifting

  Soft Material

  Fast Recovery

  Natural Movements


Candidates for Elastic lifting!

01. People who want V-line face

02. People who have sagging and wrinkles from facial countring surgery

03. People who have thick saggy cheeks

04. People who do not have defined jaw lines

05. People who are concerned about neck wrinkles

06. People who want lifting but are worried about incisions and scars

07. People who want a fast recovery

08. People who want long lasting lifting effect


◆ Surgical Methods of Elastic lifting


Elastic Lifting with Natural Movements!



1. Surgical Method

The current existing thread lifting targets dermis area while this

new elastic lifting targets SMAS layer for more fundamental

lifting result.



​          2. Surgical Area



- The traditional facelifting comes with a lot of pain, swelling, brusing and long downtime but

with this elastic lifting, you do not have to worry about long recovery time.

- The elastic lifting treats both skin and SMAS layer for the maximum effect and it lasts for

about 5 years.


- The elastic band allows you to make natural facial expression

- Minimized incision reduces scar tissues

Elastic lifting FAQ  

Q. Does it cause any irratation?

A. Elasticum is very similar to human tissue therefore it settles down with no irratation.

Q. How long does swelling last?

A. Compared to incisional facelift, the incision is very small therefore recovery is fast.

Q. How is the result?

A. With elastic bands, your facial expression will be just as natural as before.

Q. How long will the effect last?

A. It will last about 5 years. 

◆ Treatment plan





    01. Examine facial structure

    and condition through medical 


          02. Consult with Facelift    

          Specialist Dr. Jae Hoon Kim

         03. Devise a surgery plan 

          suitable for each patient 

             04. Perform surgery 

             and monitor recovery