Muscle reduction and lifting effect at once!


Botox and lifting effect at once! Natural expression with healthy looking skin


Assigned after a cinsultation with anoperating medical team

Anesthesia : anesthesia with cream

In-dinic treatment : none

String removal : none

Recovery care : none


What is meso? 

Meso procedure that is also known as 'mesotoxin' is a combined word of meso therapy and botox.

This is performed with a simple syringe giving you a muscle reduction and lifting effect. Since this is performed on a surface of facial muscle, it allows you to make more natural facial expressions. It also has an anti-aging effect if you combine it with meso-lift and meso-filling. At April 31 Plastic Surgery Clinic, the medical team analyzes problems and selects an appropriate procedure to give you a youthful skin.   APRIL 31 PLASTIC SURGERY Characteristics of Meso

Improves the elasticity and wrinkles of face

It allows you to make more natural looking facial expressions than regular botox procedure does

Pore reduction, whitening and moisturizing effect

No scar with a simple syringe procedure

No recovery time



Candidates for meso procedure

Person who wants to improve an overall elasticity and wrinkles of face

Person who wants to improve pores and dull skin tone

Person who wants to achieve botox and moisturizing effect

Person who wants a natural looking botox effect

Add a natural looking volume to your face safely and precisely. Steps of Meso Procedure

STEP 1 Consultation

Consult about problems and solutions for skin with themedical team.

STEP 2 Anesthesia with cream

A simple anesthesia using cream is performed. * Takes about 30-50 minutes

STEP 3 Meso procedure

A medical team performs a meso procedure on areas that needs an improvement.

STEP 4 Sedation and regeneration care

Start a postoperation care for a steady and long lastingeffect.

Postoperative Cautions

1. Mesotoxin may leave syringe marks and some swelling but it will eventually go away within few days 2. Washing face is possible after 2 hours 3. Using sauna is not recommended for a week.