◆ Surgical Information

Anesthesia: Cream

Postop Visit: None

Stitch Removal: None

Postop Care: Bruising, Swelling Care

 What is tightiening laser (SHURINK)? 

SHURINK is a new lifting technology that focuses an ultrasound in depth

of 1.5-4.5mm into the skin that normal laser treatment cannot reach.

SHURINK creates a lifting effect by reinforcing the SMAS layer that has

become weak from aging.


 HIFU - High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

 SMAS Layer



 Principle of H.I.F.U Similar to magnifying glass focusing sunlight on a certain spot.

 SMAS is a layer that is located in the deeper depth of skin. 

It is in between muscle and hypodermis and shaped like a net. 

When you get older, this layer weakens and what is on top of this layer gets loose and saggy.


How to look younger unnoticeably 

Principle of SHURINK Lifting

SHURINK is a new technology that delivers a lifting effect by focusing high intensity ultrasound onto dermis layer and SMAS layer for a coagulation to form. This triggers a regeneration of layer and collagen creating a lifting effect. The principle of SHRUINK is a coagulation that is
formed contracts skin tissue and this leads to skin tightening.

[ SHURINK Triple Lifting ]





 A coagulation is formed in depth

of 1.5mm from the skin.

 A coagulation is formed in depth

of 3mm from the skin.

  A coagulation is formed in depth

of 4.5mm from the skin (SMAS). 

 Tissue gets coagulated then gets

contracted. This creates a lifting effect 

Benefits/Effects of SHURINK Lifting

 ● V-Line

 ● Double Chin

 ● Samller Face

 ● Defined Face Line

 ● Skin Tone

 ● Baby Face

 ● Wrinkles

 ● Saggy Skin

SHURINK Advantages







 FDA approved result 

and safety

 No swelling and bruising

 Latest HIFU technology 

 Treats dermis and 

SMAS layer together

 Effective with one-time


 No downtime



 ● Forehead

 ● End of Eyes

 ● Between Brows

 ● Undereyes

 ● Eyes

 ● Nasolabial Folds

 ● Jaw

 ● Mouth

 ● Double Chin

 ● Neck


Candidates for SHURINK

- People who want tighter skin

- People who want V-line

- People who want a sharper jaw line

- People who want baby face

- People who want anti-aging treatment

How Facelift Is Performed





1. Examine facial structure and

condition through medical scanning

2. Consult with Facelift Specialist

Dr. Jae Hoon Kim

3. Devise a surgery plan suitable

for each patient

  4. Perform surgery

and monitor recovery