Surgical information 

Performed by Dr. Sung Wan Park 

Anesthesia : General Anesthesia

Hospitalization: 2 to 4 times

Stitch Removal : In 7 days (not necessary for intra-oral stitches)

Postoperative Care : Bruising&Swelling Care


What Is V-Line Chin Reduction?

The procedure turns the U-shaped blunt chin into a slim and elegant one in short time. Since it takes a short time for surgery and recovery, causes little bruising and swelling, yet producing significant reduction in front view, patients have high satisfaction rate with the surgery.

Since V-Line Chin Reduction requires high-level techniques based on excellent aesthetic view and surgical skills of the surgeon, patients are recommended to choose a facial contouring specialist of extensive clinical experience. At April31, Facial Contouring Specialist Dr. Sung Wan Park of long experience and know-how performs this surgery and promises an elegant, oval V-line.





◆ Candidates for V-line Chin Reduction 

• Those who have blunt chin tip making the face look wider 
• Those who have U-shaped facial contour
• Those who experienced marginal effect from square jaw surgery
• Those who have long or slightly protruded chin

← Actual April31's patient who had facial contouring surgery 

Appropriate technique is selected for desirable V-line after pre-surgery consultation and 3D CT examination of chin shape and structure 

Surgical Methods of V-Line Chin Reduction

Make slim chin at once


1. V-Shaped Osteotomy

This method creates a smooth chin line without secondary angle by resecting the blunt jaw and chin at once.

       Design an osteotomy line after close 3D 

       CT scanning


        Perform V-shaped osteotomy along the

        blunt jaw and chin line


Just one surgery to make the smooth and natural face line

2. Inverted V-Shaped Osteotomy

This procedure reduces the overall lower jaw including blunt chin and mandible, and produces a slim, V-lined facial contour. Since this surgery can be performed far from nerve lines, it is available for a lower jaw with low-positioned nerve lines.




    Perform a V-shaped osteotomy and 

     remove the middle bone piece

   Gather and fix the rest of bone pieces 

    to the center reducing the length and 

    width of the chin

    Complete a smooth lower jaw line

    through additional chin reduction and 

    Long-Curved Square Jaw Reduction

Reduce square Jaw and chin at once
3. T-Shaped Osteotomy (V-Line Surgery)

Change the broad lower jaw into slim V-lined one with one-time surgery





Cutting the blunt and wide chin bone in a T-shape

The surgery is performed through intra-oral incision under safely induced general anesthesia, after facial structure and the location of nerve lines are correctly identified through Zenith 3D CT scanning.

 Chin point is relocated to reduce the length. Remove and centralized resected bones to reduce the chin width. The bone of chin tip is fixed in a way that enhances the chin shape and V-line. The chin osteotomy that requires precise osteotomy, resection, relocation and fixation techniques is safely performed by Facial contouring specialist Dr.Sung Wan Park.

 Perform Long-Curved Square Jaw Reduction along the line from mandible angle to the chin that is newly built through chin osteotomy, completing a beautiful V-line.

◆ Treatment Plan





     01.Examine facial structure and 

     surrounding soft tissue through 

     3D CT scanning

    02. Consult with Facial Contouring 

    Specialist Dr. Sung Wan Park

     03.Devise a surgery plan suitable

     for each patient


     04.Perform surgery and monitor