◆ Surgical Information

Specialized surgeon: Dr. Won Suk Oh 

Anesthesia :IV Sedation + Local Anesthesia

​Post operative treatment visits : 3-4 times

Stitch removal :7 days after

Recovery Care : Bruising and swelling care 

◆ What Is Revision Double Eyelid Surgery? 

Secondary double eyelid surgery is decided due to various reasons including dissatisfaction with the design from primary surgery, loosened double eyelid folds, asymmetric double eyelid folds, multiple eyelid fold, sagging skin due to the age and etc.  

Since revision surgery is more complicated than primary surgery, it is important to identify the problem of primary surgery and develop adequate revision plans in advance.



Revision Double Eyelid Surgery 

 Performed by eyelid surgery specialist who has 

long clinical experience with accumulated 



 Identify the problem of primary surgery 

 through detailed pre-surgery examination

 Specialized in revision eyelid and reversal 

of canthoplasty 

 Natural-looking design of eye shape

 Postoperative bruising and swelling care 

 Minimal scar

April31 Plastic Surgery Clinic performs precise surgery through extensive consultation with the skilled eyelid surgery specialist. 


Candidates for Revision Double Eyelid Surgery


 I. Loosened Double Eyelid Fold

• Most of Revision Double Eyelid Surgery are performed due to | lowered or loosened double 

   eyelid folds. Depending on the cause, non-incisional method, eye reshaping or incisional 

   method is applied.


 2. Too High Double Eyelid Fold

• Excessive height is reduced and if necessary, scar and fat tissue is removed.


 3. Scar from Epicanthoplasty

• A scar or artificial look from excessively or unskillfully performed epicanthoplasty 

   can be improved through revision.


 4. Asymmetric Double Eyelid Folds

• If the height of both folds is different or only the fold in one side has come undone, 

   both double eyelid folds can be adjusted to improve the symmetry.


 5. Unnatural or Dissatisfying Design

• Double eyelid fold that is not suitable for your face can be redesigned into well-balanced one.


 6. Thickness underneath Double Eyelid Folds (Excessive Swelling)

• The thickness is formed mostly due to excessive fat tissue. Revision surgery removes 

   the fat and corrects the double eyelid folds.

When to Have Revision Double Eyelid Surgery

01. After primary surgery, double eyelid fold usually settles into a natural-looking shape in about a month. But if it doesn't after three month, revision surgery is required.

02. Each eye has a different level of swelling, so double eyelid folds could look asymmetric right after primary surgery. However, if the asymmetry continues for three month or maximum six month, revision is required to be considered.

◆ April 31's Actual Eyelid Surgery Patient 

 ◆ Treatment Plan 





       01. Examine facial structure 

          and condition

      02. Consult with Eyelid Surgery 

         Specialist Dr. Won Suk Oh 

     03. Devise a surgery plan suitable 

       for each patient 

      04. Perform surgery and monitor