◆ Surgical information       


Specialized surgeon: Dr. Won Suk Oh 

Anesthesia :IV Sedation + Local Anesthesia

Post operative treatment visits : 3-4 times

Stitch removal :3-5 days after

Recovery Care : Bruising and swelling care 


◆ What is Epicanthoplasty reversal? 


 If inner canthus is excessively resected or unsightly scar is made from primary surgery, this procedure reconstructs natural and normal inner canthus.

Various surgical techniques are applied including simple scar removal and skin restoration.

◆ Candidates for Epicanthoplasty reversal





1. Dissatisfaction with Design from Primary

Epicanthoplasty (artificial size, shape and direction of lacrimal lake) • Excessive extension of inner canthus or its unbalanced shape can be corrected



2 Lagophthalmos

• If wrong primary surgery caused lagophthalmos, in which patients can't close eyelids completely, it can be corrected through revision as well as artificial shape of inner canthus.



3 Excessive Inner Canthus Extension

• If inner canthus is overly enlarged, too pointy, or downward, it can be redesigned into a balanced shape

◆ Checklist before Epicanthoplasty reversal surgery

Q. What could be done if lacrimal lake is revealed (red flesh) due to excessive epicanthoplasty? Excessive resection of epicanthal folds could overly reveal lacrimal lake (red flesh). cause lagophthalmos, or produce too long or sagging inner canthus. In this case, revision surgery is performed to correct the size, shape and direction of lacrimal lake.

Q. Is it really possible to reverse epicanthoplasty? The conventional method, which simply cuts and moves the skin, hardly could change the shape of inner canthus.

April 31's Epicanthoplasty Reversal can correct and restore both inner canthal ligament and epicanthal folds into desired shapes.


◆ What is Lateral canthoplasty reversal?  

This procedure corrects and restores abnormal lateral canthus from wrong lateral canthoplasty for cosmetic and functional reasons.

Under a precise surgery plan developed by revision blepharoplasty surgery specialist, anatomical structure including ligament is restored,

and skin and mucous membranes are repositioned.


◆ Candidates for Lateral canthoplasty reversal

 Revision surgery is required to solve the side effects from inadequate connection of lateral canthus.



1. Overturned Eyelids

• If lateral canthal ligament is fastened to an inappropriate location, eyelids can be overturned. Revision surgery restores the ligament to a right position.




2. Artificial Look of Lateral Canthus

• Revision surgery reshapes the lateral canthus in consideration of the physical structure around the eye and the overall face shape.



3. Scars around the Eyes

• Red scars around the eyes due to primary surgery can be removed through revision.


 ◆ How Eyelid Surgery Is Performed





     1. Examine facial structure and 

      condition through medical scanning


     2. Consult with Breast Surger 


      3. Devise a surgery plan suitable 

       for each patient  

      4. Perform surgery and monitor