Surgical information   

Performed by Dr. Sung Wan Park

Anesthesia: Local Anesthesia + Sedation

Postoperative Visit: 3 to 4 times

Stitch Removal: In 4-5 days

Postoperative Care: Bruising & Swelling care


What Is V-Line Acculift?

Using a 1444-nm wavelength laser optimized for lipolysis, this procedure emulsifies and removes fat while sculpting the facial contour.

It evenly emulsifies the adipose tissue in cheek, double chin, and cheekbone area

where fat is hardly reduced due to thin skin, and the collagen layer is stimulated

enhancing skin elasticity.

This facial sculpting technique lifts the sagging double chin due to facial contouring surgery and nasolabial folds by emulsifying fat in those areas, and it maximizes

V-line effect. 



• Safe with local anesthesia

 • Immediate return to everyday life after surgery

• Induce collagen generation and improve skin elasticity

• Improve uneven skin after fat grafting 

• Minimal incision and scar

• Remove wrinkles including nasolabial folds  

• Remarkable liposuction effect

 • V-line effect by removing double chin and heavy jowls without bone surgery

• Remove fat and lift sagging double chin and cheeks dueto facial contouring surgery

Candidates for V-Line Acculift

• Those who have a large amount of facial fat compared to the body size

• Those whose plump cheeks can't be easily reduced

• Those who want to reduce double chin and heavy jowls

• Those who want to remove facial fat but worry about skin sagging and unevenness

Surgical Method of V-Line Acculift

Reduce plump cheek and sagging facial fat that hardly can be reduced by diet and complete natural-looking facial contour

STEP 1 Design for liposuction + painless sedative anesthesia


Minimal incision

Induce local anesthesia and sedation minimizing pain. 

* The surgery takes 30 minutes to 1 hour.

  Make a minimal incision of 1 to 2 mm around the

mouth, under the chin, inside the mouth or behind

the ear depending on surgery site.

* Incision scar is invisible after recovery.

STEP 3 AccuSculpt laser procedure

  STEP 4

Liposuction and recovery care

  Safely emulsify adipose tissue using AccuSculpt laser.

Emulsified fat is suctioned, and patients can lead

their normal life from the day after surgery.

◆ Treatment Plan





    01.Examine facial structure and

    surrounding soft tissue through

    3D CT scanning

    02. Consult with Facial Contouring

    Specialist Dr. Sung Wan Park

    03.Devise a surgery plan suitable 

    for each patient


     04.Perform surgery and monitor