◆ Surgical information

Specialized surgeon: Dr. Won Suk Oh 

Anesthesia :IV Sedation + Local Anesthesia

​Post operative treatment visits : 2-3 times

Stitch removal :  In 7 days

Recovery Care : Bruising and swelling care


What Is Endoscopic Brow Lift?   

This procedure makes an incision 

along the saggy eyelid and eyebrow 

due to reduced skin elasticity with 

aging, pulls them through the incision 

and then resects redundant skin.This 

procedure has a short recovery time 

and is effective for those who want to 

have natural-looking eye shape without 

double eyelid folds in their 40s and 50s 

or older.


Actual patient who had Endoscopic
Brow Lift

Raise Droopy Eyebrows and Eyelids

Advantages of April 31's Endoscopic Brow Lift

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point 02

point 03

point 04

Minimize scar and reduce 

recovery period by using 


Correct asymmetric eyebrows

Improve forehead lines

sagging eyebrows and eyelids


Candidates for Endoscopic Brow Lift

Those who have droopy eyebrows and a short distance between eyebrows

Those who have asymmetric or too low eyebrows for their age

Those who have many forehead lines or whose forehead has an uneven, bumpy surface

Complete Natural-Looking Eye Shape using a Precise and Safe Method

◆ Surgical Method of Endoscopic Brow Lift

This procedure resects skin through an incision above the eyebrow, and is effective to correct the location of eyebrows too. Forehead reduction can be simultaneously performed with this procedure by making an incision on the scalp.


 STEP 1 Incision

Make an incision 0.5 cm- 1 cm inside the hairline

 STEP 2 Detachment

Detach muscle and tissue using endoscope

 STEP 3 Resection

Lift the eyebrow and forehead muscles and fix them to the frontal bone


Anesthesia and Postoperative Care

        • Because endoscope secures view under the skin during the surgery, bleeding is reduced and surgery time is shorter.

        • A less stressful local anesthesia is used with sedation and stitches are removed in 7 days after surgery. 

        • Patients may experience numbness on the forehead and scalp, but it disappears soon.

◆ April 31's Actual Eyelid Surgery Patient 

 ◆ How Eyelid Surgery Is Performed


    01. Examine facial Structure and 

    condition through medical scanning

      02Consult with Eyelid Surgery 

      Specialist Dr. Won Suk Oh 

    03. Devise a surgery plan suitable 

    for each patient  

     04. Perform surgery and monitor