◆ Surgical information       



Specialized surgeon: Dr. Won Suk Oh 

Anesthesia :IV Sedation + Local Anesthesia

Post operative treatment visits : 3-4 times

Stitch removal :  In 7 days

Recovery Care : Bruising and swelling care 


◆ What is Upper eyelid fat repositioning?

Aging or diet can cause a lack of subcutaneous fat in the eye area, and the loss of fat layers leads to sunken eyes. Sunken eyes not only make you look tired and older, but also make it harder to raise eyelids, causing ptosis. Sunken eyes not only make you look tired and older, but also make it harder to raise eyelids, causing ptosis. Generally, Eyelid Fat Graft is performed/chosen to correct sunken eyes. However, there is a high risk of recurrence because of the low engraftment efficiency resulting from rapid eyelid movements.

"Dr. Won Suk Oh's enhanced Upper Eyelid Fat Repositioning guarantees guarantees the best and most effective results for correcting sunken eyes”


Eye Specialist!

Surgery and Research!  

Satisfying result is guaranteed with Dr. Won Suk Oh's 

eyelid surgery considering both aesthetic and functional aspects.


Plastic Surgeon

Eye Surgery Specialist Dr. Won Suk Oh

- Excutive director of Blepharoplasty Research Association, The Society of Korean Plastic Surgery

- Academic member of Society of Korean Plastic Surgery 



◆ Surgical method of Upper eyelid fat repositioning?


Complete natural-looking eye shape with precise and safe method Surgical method of sunken eye correction



1 Lightly sunken case

Correcting ptosis and repositioning orbital fat restore volume to the eye area, and makes clear-cut eyes.



2. Severely sunken case

Ptosis correction, orbital fat repositioning and fat graft and injection are required. Depending on the condition of individual patient, micro-fat graft or dermal-fat graft is performed to give volume.


Candidates for sunken eye correction!

01. Those who have sunken eyes due to aging

02. Those who look dull and worn out because of their eyes

03. Those who have sunken eyes due to drastic loss of weight

04. Those who want to rejuvenate their old-looking eyes

 05. Those who have recurred sunken eyes after upper eyelid fat grafting


◆ Principles and methods of sunken eye correction

 More advanced than Fat Grafting

Try to pinch and feel the upper and lower part of tour eyebrows

Can you feel the HIDDEN FAT?

 Hidden fat behind the eyebrows on 3D-CT Scan



Widely distributed hidden fatbehind the eyebrows 

 How can we give some volume on the sunken upper eyelids without harvesting and injecting some fat?

 The principle is puling down the hidden fat from behind the eyebrows and repositioning it evenly on the sunken upper eyelid.

 Before & After of Upper Eyelid Fat Repositioning from the Side View 



 Anatomical Strucyure of Sunken Upper

Eyelid due to the lack of fat

 Anatomical Structure of Upper Eyelid with enough

 volume after Reposition the hidden fat

Operation Range of Upper Eyelid Fat Repositioning from the Frontal View 


 operation Range of General Double Eyelid Surgery


Operation Range of Upper Eyelid Fat Repositioning 




There is hidden fat behind the Eyebrow even for sunken upper eyelids due to aging or ptosis It's a stable surgical technique pulling down the hidden fat and repositioning it evenly April31 Upper Eyelid Fat Repositioning! Although the principle is simple, neat dissection and even repositioning of the fat requires a skilled surgeon with abundant experience.

Dr. Won Suk Oh promises you reliable and stable results based on sufficient clinical practices and academic presentations


◆ Why fat repositioning rathern than Fat grafting?

 General Upper Eyelid Fat Grafting


April31 Upper Eyelid Fat Repositioning 

Harvest the fat from abdomen, thighs or hips and

 inject the estracted fat cells to sunken parts

Additional ptosis correction may be needed 

Surgical Method 

Correct the fundamental cause of the sunken upper eyelid then reposition orbital fat tissues most efficiently 

No need for additional ptosis correction

 Abdomen, thoghs, hips 

Extraction site for fat 


 Due to tis low remaining rate,50% may get 

 reabsorbed in 1~2 months.

 High chance of adhesion.

 period of


Semi-permanent with minimal reabsorption.


Recovery period


 -Temporary solution due to high reabsorption rate

-Additional fat grafting may be needed

-Uneven surface may take place

-Ptosis may get more severe depending on cases

Addtional info

-Almost zero reabsorption rate

-Semi-permanent solution -No additional surgery is needed

-Even surface -Ptosis can be corrected by eye

contouring simultaneously

 Upper Eyelid Fat Repositioning Actual Patients

                                                                 CASE 1. Front

                                                            CASE 1. Right Profile 

                                                          CASE 1. Right Side 45° 

                                                             CASE 1. Left Profile 

                                                           CASE 1. Left side 45° 

                                                                 CASE 2. Front 

                                                             CASE 2. Left Profile 

                                                            CASE 2. Right Profile 

                                                                CASE 1. Front 

                                                            CASE 1. Right Profile

                                                           CASE 1. Right Side 45° 

                                                            CASE 1. Left Profile 

                                                            CASE 1. Left side 45°


◆ Treatment Plan  

    01. Examine facial Structure and 

    condition through medical scanning

      02Consult with Eyelid Surgery 

      Specialist Dr. Won Suk Oh 

    03. Devise a surgery plan suitable 

    for each patient  

   04. Perform surgery and monitor