Simple and instant result


An appropriate laser treatment for skin is chosen with an accurate diagnosis done by an operating medical team


Assigned after a consultation with an operating medical team

Anesthesia : anesthesia with cream

In-clinic treatment : none

String removal : none

Recovery care : none


An appropriate surgical method is chosen by the cause. 

Supplementary laser and improvement

1. Acne/various scartreatment and pore minimizing effect

    Fraxel Program

- An operating medical team will perform a fraxel laser treatment that is used for an overall skin regeneration 

  with a natural regeneration capability


• Improvement of deep pores and various scars 

• Improvement of acne scars 

• Overall skin regeneration 

• Whitening, anti-aging and blemish improvement

Postoperative Cautions

After a treatment depending on a level of intensity, a discharge, peeling, blister or swelling might 

occur but it will slowly disappear within 2-3 days.  

Depending on a level of treatment intensity, a darkening might occur but it will becomeless noticeable over time. 

• A use of sauna and scrub is prohibited for a week after the operation. 

• Must use a sunblock after the treatment

2. A treatment for acne, freckles and blemishes 


• This laser treats acne, redness, freckles and blemishes using complex wavelength with pulse 

form of 500mm -950mm wavelength. 

Our 14PL is approved by American FDA. Therefore it is safe and the pain is minimized with a surface cooling system.


• Improvement of whitening, blemishes, freckles and discoloration 

• Improvement of redness, capillary and blood vessel disease 

• Improvement of anti-aging 

• Pore minimization 

• Acne treatments 

• Improvement of dull skin tone

Postoperative Cautions 

• After a treatment it takes about 10-15 days to see the result and with a regular a treatment, 

you will see an improvement with pores, facial skin tone and elasticity of skin. 

• Avoid tanning before and after a treatment 

• Must use a sunblock after the treatment 

Must not rub scabs until they fall off naturally 

• Avoid a sauna for a week after the treatment 

• Let the doctor know if you are taking any medicine