Surgical information

         Anesthesia : General Anesthesia

         Post Op. Treatment Visits: 3-4 times

         V- Stitch Removal : No Stitch removal.(Dermabond)

         Recovery Care: Bruising & swelling care


What is Reconstructive Breast Surgery?

According to the report of Ministry of Health and Welfare, breast cancer takes up to 15.4% of overall female cancer.

Reconstructive Breast Surgery refers to recreating breast tissues when one or both breasts got resection from breast 

cancer surgery. The surgical method can be broadly divided as partial mastectomy and total mastectomy.

When the shape of breast is damaged due to an accident, Reconstructive Breast Surgery can rebuild the original shape.


Why is Reconstructive Breast Surgery needed?




1. Breast cancer may take place even in 20s?!

Compared to America, breast cancer takes place in relatively younger age for Korean women and the number of younger breast cancer patients is increasing lately. The psychological shock from resection of breast which symbolizes femininity and motherhood can be really serious

2. Inconvenience in daily life due to the physical unbalance

Absence of removed breast give psychological insecurity and physical unbalnce that causes inconvenience in daily life. It interferes with dressing stylishly and silicon bra cannot help much since it gets shifted or causes excessive sweat. Since women who undergo breast cancer or other surgeries that damage breast shape still have a lot of days to live as confident female, Reconstructive Breast Surgery is meaningful in many ways.

"April31 PS Clinic wishes you beautiful womanhood and happy life via Reconstructive Breast Surgery"

· Improve the daily inconvenience from physical unbalance 

· Overcome the psychological insecurity by having the beautiful breasts back

· Confident in picking the clothes again by natural and original breast shape


Achieve natural breast shape in precise and safe way.

The Special Soft Breast Surgery only at April31 PS.

1. Surgery with Implant 




 . No need for hospitalization

 - Back to daily life from 3rd postoperative day

 1. When the amount of skin around the breast 

 is not enough after breast cancer surgery, the 

 skin needs to be stretched over a long period 

 of time by inserting tissue expander and 

 regularly injecting physiological saline. 

 2. When the skin is sufficiently stretched after 

 a few months, the tissue expander needs to 

 be replaced to artificial implant through second

 ary surgery. 


     1. Expanding tissues 

     Insert the tissue expander below 

     the muscle and fill up the expander 

     with physiological saline.

     2. Replacement to Implant 

      Insert implant to expanded space

2. Surgery with Autogenous tissue


• 1 day hospitalization

- Back to daily life from 7th postoperative day

Moving latissimus dorsi musde(back muscle), skin and fat tissue to reconstruct breasts. Implant may have to be used together for big breasts








• 1 day hospitalization

- Back to daily life within 2 postoperative weeks

Use lower stomach tissues to reconstruct breasts 

Move one side of abdominal muscle, skin and fat of lower abdomen to breasts to reconstruct breasts.





• More natural texture compared to implants or back tissue.

Able to undergo the surgery even when there is a scar from previous surgery

• Able to reconstruct big size breasts

• Pregnancy and nursing is possible after the surgery


3. In-clinic Ultrasound and endoscopic equipments for more precise and safe Reconstructive Breast Surgery


 Pre and post operative check up for mammary tissues and implant location using ultrasound equipment


 Secure sufficient vision and more precise operation using endoscopic equipment



If nipples got removed during resection surgery, they need to be reconstructed. Generally, nipples can get reconstructed after 6 months from the resection under local anesthesia. It can be created with surround skin or some of the other side nipple if the remaining nipple is big enough.

The areola part can be inked after 2 months of the surgery 



 ◆ How Breast Surgery Is Performed





     01. Examine and analyze patient's

            condition with ultrasound scan

       02.  Comsult wiht breast surgery

               specialist Dr.Jea Woo Kim

       03.  Devise a surgeyr plan suitabie

                for each patient

       04.  Perform surgery and monitor