“How Old Is the Plastic Surgery Clinic?"

It is not easy to keep in business in the same place and field for a long time. Because many plastic surgery clinics close down in short time,

patients often ask how old a plastic surgery clinic is. The belief and trust in our specialized medical team for great results have been proven by the 20 years' steady growth at the same place. 

What April31 Thinks about Plastic Surgery "Pretty Women in Gangnam All Look the Same?​"

Some people ​say that because plastic surgery follows fashion and clinic have their own 'style' depending on their preferences,

plastic beauties in Gangnam all look alike.

If plastic surgery follows 'style' and fashion,' the surgery result becomes 'old-fashioned' and has no personality.

The characterless outcome 'unsuitable for each individual' is likely to lead to revision surgery.

At April 31 Plastic Surgery Clinic, expert surgeons in each specialty area apply the most optimized design and procedure,

based on the accurate examination of the shape and balance of the face unique to each individual.

Natural-Looking Face Suitable for Yourself, not the Pretty and Characterless One, Is the Most Beautiful Face.




“The April31's Medical Team Consists of Expert Surgeons

Who Have Accumulated Clinical and Academic Research Experience in Each Specialty Area."

High-Tech 3D CT Scanning for Accurate Pre-Surgery Examination and Optimized University Hospital-Level Surgery System

Ensure Safety and Complete Your Beauty.