◆ Surgical information       


Specialized surgeon: Dr. Won Suk Oh 

Anesthesia :IV Sedation + Local Anesthesia

Post operative treatment visits : 3-4 times

Stitch removal :7 days after

Recovery Care : Bruising and swelling care 


What Is Eye Contouring?


Actual patient who had non-incisional eye reshaping surgery If your eyes still look small and sleepy even after double eyelid surgery, this is because the 

eye-elevating muscles are weak. The eye-elevating muscles consist of levator palpebrae superioris muscle and Müller's muscle, and if any of them becomes weak regardless of the cause, the eye-elevating muscles loosen, have difficulty in opening the eyes, and create a habit of opening the eyes by raising forehead and eyebrows. In this case, eye contouring surgery (ptosis correction) is required to pull the loose muscles and raise the eye-elevation power, and non-incision or incision method is chosen depending on the conditions of individual patient.

 √ Check Point

Do I Need Ptosis correction? 

Try Self-Diagnosis

01. People usually say that I look sleepy.

02. I raise my forehead to open my eyes. 

      (so I have developed forehead wrinkles)

03. I have a habit of sticking out my jaw to look at things.

04. My upper eyelid covers over one third of the pupil.

Different Techniques of Eye Contouring Surgery


Complete Natural-Looking Eye Shape with Precise and Safe Method


01. If you want buried suture method and in-fold double eyelid

Non-Incision Eye Contouring

• Use buried suture technique without incision

- Enable a quick recovery with reduced bruising and swelling

• Applicable to men who want to have in-fold double eyelids


 Before surgery

 Put a thread from outside the 

 eyelid and make a knot on the 

 eye-elevating muscles.

 Fasten the knot inside the eyelid 

 to make a natural-looking double 

 eyelid fold.

 After surgery, with the shortened 

 eye-elevating muscle, you'll 

 experie nce more comfortable 

 opening of eyes.


Anatomical View




02. If you have double eyelid fold or don't want to make one

Transconjunctival Ptosis Correction



 This procedure corrects ptosis by esecting levator palpebrae superioris muscle and Müller's muscle through transconjunctival incision without cutting on the skin.


 Resect muscle inside the eyelid

 Suture the incision, after which the eye 

 is opened more easily


03. If you want to correct severe ptosis

Eye Reshaping

Incisional method takes a longer time to settle than buried suture method and is likely to leave a scar on the upper eyelid. However, the new Dynamic Double Eyelid Surgery reduces recovery period and surgery scar, overcoming the weaknesses of incisional method.


 Design the eye shape before 


 Make an incision and remove tissue

 Suture along the double eyelid fold

 Well-defined eye completed

◆ April 31's Actual Eyelid Surgery Patient 


◆ Treatment Plan

    01. Examine facial Structure and 

    condition through medical scanning

      02Consult with Eyelid Surgery 

      Specialist Dr. Won Suk Oh 

    03. Devise a surgery plan suitable 

    for each patient  

   04. Perform surgery and monitor