Surgical information    

Specialized Surgeon Dr. Jae Hoon Kim, Chief director

Anesthesia : IV Sedation + Local Anesthesia

Post operative treatment visits : 3-4 times

Stitch removal : 5-7 days after

Recovery Care : Bruising and swelling care


What is Alar Surgery?


Flat tip and wide nostrils can give flabby impression.

Alar surgery refers to completing the sleek nasal tip shape

by reducing the wide spread alar and nostrils with heart-shape

incision and suitable surgical method based on the cause.

Cases that Alar Surgery is Needed

01. In case of low and spread nasal tip

02. In case of wide and round nostrils

03. When the nasal tip makes the nose look wide and flabby

Surgical Methods According To Different Types

The amount of nasal base incision and reduction will be designed depending on the level of wideness. Heart-shape incision will be given on the nasal base to make the nasal base round shape. The incision will be given to avoid being seen from outside as much as possible. To make it more effective, penetration with thread for the reduction can be applied if necessary.


 ​Types of Spread Alar Incision




Spread Alar Full Incision

Effective Alar Reduction but leaves 

postoperative scar

Inner Incision

No visible scar but less effective 

than full incision

Diamond Incision

Diamond shape incision on the bottom part

of the nostrils than stitching back

◆ Treatment Plan  


01. Examine the nose condition, bone structure and soft tissue through 3D CT scanning

 02Consult with Rhinoplasty Specialist Dr. Jae Hoon Kim

 03. Devise a surgery plan suitable for each patient

 04. Perform surgery and monitor recovery