Surgical information


Performed by Dr. Sung Wan Park

Anesthesia : Sedative Anesthesia

Hospitalization: 3 to 4 times

Stitch Removal : In 7 days(not necessary for intra-oral stitches)

Postoperative Care:  Bruising & swelling care 


More three-dimensional, deeper & slimmer

Types of 3D Augmentation Facial Contouring

• Forehead Augmentation Surgery - Create an ideal profile

• Nasolabial AugmentationImprove nasolabial folds and protruded mouth at once

Surgical Methods of April31's 3D Augmentation Facial Contouring 

Complete three-dimensional and youthful oval face with safe and precise method 

1. Nasolabial Surgery

Solve nasolabial folds and protruded mouth at once

• Using an implant for semi-permanent effect, this procedure improves aging-sensitive nasolabial folds as well as protruded mouth.

• Protruded mouth correction can be maximized when the surgery is simultaneously performed with nose surgery and Point Chin Augmentation. 

• It has an excellent effect to produce three-dimensional and oval face when performed with micro autologous fat grafting.


1-1. Surgical Process 

  STEP 1 

 Intra-oral incision under sedative anesthesia


 Implant insertion 

 STEP 3 

 Suture and Postoperative Care

  Make an incision inside the mouth under 

 sedative anesthesia

 Other than silicon, autologous bone, 

  cartilage and fat can be used to add volume.

 Meticulously suture the incision and provide 

  post  operative bruising and swelling care


1-2. Advantages 

• Leave no scar using intra-oral incision 

• Take only 3 days for recovery

• Improve nasolabial folds and mouth protrusion at once. 

• Make the face look smaller by making it deeper / more three-dimensional 

• Maximize the effect performed with micro autologous fat grafting and nose surgery

1-3. Candidates for Nasolabial Surgery

• Those who have protruded mouth

• Those who have deeper nasolabial folds for their age

• Those who look older than the actual age

• Those who want to change their flat face into three-dimensional, oval face


2. Forehead Augmentation Surgery

Semi-permanent voluminous forehead

• Add volume to flat and uneven forehead with implant, micro autologous fat graft or filler and create an ideal profile

• Change masculine image into feminine and graceful one

2-1. Surgical Process

 Forehead Augmentation using Silicon

Individually customized implant is inserted to create balanced forehead with more volume. Because incision is vertically made behind the hairline in a 4-to 5-cm length, no scar is seen after surgery

 Micro Autologous Fat Grafting

Autologous fat harvested from thigh or stomach is injected to forehead to enhance volume. Autologous fat hardly produces side effects and this is appropriate for those who don't want a foreign body 


 Filler Injection

Filler made of biomaterials such as hyaluronic acids is injected to forehead. Since filler is absorbed into the body, the effect lasts for 1 to 2 years depending on the content and size of filler particles.


• Semi-permanent effect

• Unnoticeable vertical incision behind the hairline 



• Natural with autologous fat

• No scar from injection

• No recovery time needed with little bruising and swelling


• Simple and Natural

• No recovery time needed after procedure


2-2. Candidates for Forehead Augmentation Surgery

• Those who have stress about flat forehead

• Those who want to improve masculine look due to uneven forehead

• Those who want to have three-dimensional face to have graceful and youthful look

◆ Actual April31's patients who had 3D Voluminous Facial Contouring









 ◆ Treatment Plan





    01.Examine facial structure and 

    surrounding soft tissue through 

    3D CT scanning

   02. Consult with Facial Contouring

   Specialist Dr. Sung Wan Park

    03.Devise a surgery plan suitable 

    for each patient


     04.Perform surgery and monitor