◆ Surgical information     


nesthesia: Local anesthesia + Sedation 

        Postoperative Visit: 2 to 3 times

Stitch Removal: In 7 days

Postoperative Care : Bruising & Swelling care


◆ What Is Endoscopic V- Line Facelift? 

The lower face gradually tums into a square shape starting from your 20s because of reduced skin elasticity and sagging jawline.Also, fat deposits around the mouth begin to protrude making droopy lower cheeks. Endoscopic V-Line Facelift, as a mini facelift procedure unique to April 31, removes the skin sagging around the mouth and the jawline, and produces a permanent V-line effect without cutting bones.





Strengths of V-Line Facelift


 Excellent V-Line Effect    

Lifting SMAS layer including

the mouth comer area

guarantees perfect V-line effect.


Minimal Swelling

Endoscopic procedure minimizes

tissue damage and swelling disappears

 in three days.

 Minimal Scar

Incision is made behind

the ear and not seen.

Enhance Ear Shape

Pointy ear can be corrected or

ear shape can be enhanced.


April 31's Actual Patients Who Had Endoscopic V-Line Facelift



 Enhanced Jawline

 Enhanced Shape of Ear Lobe



 Enhanced Jawline

 Enhanced Jawline



◆ Candidates for Endoscopic 

V-Line Facelift 

- Those who have heavy jowls and sagging lower cheeks over the age of 20  

- Those who have heavy jowls and sagging jawline after facial contouring surgery 

- Those who want to have V-line facial contour without bone surgery

- Those who have skin sagging around the jawline and lips


Enhance Ear Shape

Pointy ear can be corrected or ear shape can be enhanced.


Perfect Your Natural-Looking V-Line through Precise and Safe Method

Surgical Method of Endoscopic V-Line Facelift

      STEP 1 

      Anesthesia after Design

      STEP 2 


      STEP 3 

      Skin Lifting

      Local anesthesia is used with 

      sedation, allowing patients not

to feel any pain.

      Make an incision behind the 

      ear where it can't be seen

      Lift the loose skin

      STEP 4 

      Endoscopic SMAS Lifting

      STEP 5 


      STEP 6 

      Suture and Ear Reshaping

     Detach and lift SMAS layer 

     including the mouth comer 

area using endoscope

      Fasten SMAS layer to the firm

      tissue behind the ear

      Suture the incision behind the 

      ear and reshape pointy ears,

almost without removing skin

 behind the ear



Pre-Surgery Precautions 

1. If you take any medication on regular basis, consult with your surgeon in advance. 

2. Stop taking Aspirin, Plavix and any kind of painkillers that could influence blood coagulation and clot two weeks before surgery.

3. Stop taking antibiotics, hormonal medication, oriental herbal medicine, and dietary supplement including red ginseng, vitamin A and E, omega -3 fatty acids and glucosamine products two weeks before surgery.

4. If you have high blood pressure, consult with your surgeon in advance. 5. Stop drinking and smoking two weeks before surgery.

Post-Surgery Precautions

1. You may wash your face and put on makeup three days after surgery. 2. You may experience slight bruising, swelling and tightness, but they disappear within several days. 3. You are advised to refrain from drinking, smoking, going to sauna and exercising for four weeks after surgery.



How Facelift Is Performed





    01. Examine facial structure and 

    condition through medical scanning

    02. Consult with Facelift Specialist 

    Dr. Jae Hoon Kim

         03. Devise a surgery plan 

          suitable for each patient 

              04. Perform surgery 

              and monitor recovery