◆ Surgical Information 

Anesthesia: Local anesthesia + Sedation

Postoperative Visit: 2 to 3 times

Stitch Removal: In 3 days

Postoperative Care : Bruising & Swelling care

What Is Midface Lift?

Midface Lift elevates the middle facial area that includes nasolabial folds, cheeks and under-eye wrinkles, and produces a dramatic effect especially on sagging cheeks. Because this procedure covers a relatively large facial area and leaves no visible scar, it provides high satisfaction level from patients and can be performed to different age groups, including those in their 20s who have nasolabial folds, and the mid-aged or the elderly who have developed wrinkles and skin sagging due to aging.

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Effect of April 31's Midface Lift

Mid cheek lift


Before After


Remarkably Lift

Sagging Cheeks


Improve Nasolabial



Improve Under-Eye



Remove Protruding

Under-Eye Fat Pads


Improve TearTroughs and Upper Cheek


Check out April 31's Sub-SMAS Facelift on video!  Real Story Video


Candidates for Midface Lift




  Those who have skin sagging vertically

  from under-eye area to cheeks

  Those whose lower eyelid is turned

outwards due to side effects of lower

eyelid surgery

  Those whose lower eyelid is turned

outwards due to the weakened lower

eyelid tissue



  Those who have sagging cheeks after

  cheekbonereduction surgery

  Those who have developed nasolabial

 folds regardless of age

   Those who have severe dark circles




  Those who have upper cheek wrinkles

  Those who have prminent tear trough


  Those who have protruding under-eye

fat pads with reduced skin elasticity

◆ Treatment Plan






  1. Examine facial structure and

condition through medical scanning

  2. Consult with Facelift Specialist

Dr. Jae Hoon Kim

  3. Devise a surgery plan

  suitable for each patient

  4. Perform surgery

and monitor recovery