Surgical information   


         Anesthesia: IV Sedation + Local Anesthesia

         Post Op. Treatment Visits :3-4 times

         Stitch Removal : No Stitch removal (Dermabond)

         Recovery Care: Bruising&Swelling care

Revision Breast Surgery?

As breast surgery is becoming more popular even for the Asians, the number of revision cases is increasing as well. Most of revision cases are due to unsatisfying breast shape and complications such as implant shift/damage or capsular contracture.

Since revision breast surgery is more complicated compared to the primary surgery, thorough preoperative diagnosis and precise operation by a breast surgery specialist is essential.

For revision cases, we thoroughly diagnose the cause by in-clinic ultrasound and perform precise operation with the most advanced endoscope.

The Reason Revision Breast Surgery of April31 PS is Special


     1. Thorough diagnosis by in-clinic ultrasound

          April31 PS diagnose the cause of the revision (implant shift/damage, 

          capsular contracture and etc) thoroughly using in-clinic ultrasound.



     2. Complete the revision with the result of teardrop breast 

         shape using the most advanced endoscope

          With our breast surgery specialized medical team's extensive experience and 

          proper implant insertion using the most advanced endoscope, the pocket 

          formation and precise prediction can be achieved.


     3. Armpit incision revision is possible

          Depending on the condition of breasts and desired result, incision can be 

          made on armpits.


     4. Continuous Care with regular ultrasound check up.

          Most of revision patients are worried about recurrence of complications. 

          April31 PS provides regular ultrasound check ups and continuous care of 

          the operated surgeon.


     5. Operated by breast surgery specialist, Dr. Jae Woo Kim

          April31 Plastic Surgery Clinic guides you through the whole process from 

          consultation to postoperative care with knowledge accumulated from many 

          years of experience. We can help you to regain your confidence and beautiful 



◆ How Breast Surgery Is Performed





    01. Examine and analyze patient's

           condition with ultrasound scan

     02.  Comsult wiht breast surgery

             specialist Dr.Jea Woo Kim

    03.  Devise a surgeyr plan suitabie

             for each patient

      04.  Perform surgery and monitor