Surgical information.

Anesthesia :IV Sedation + Local Anesthesia 

Post operative treatment visits : 2-3 times

Stitch removal : None

Recovery Care : Bruising and swelling care

What is 88Lifting? 

The most effective out of all the thread liftings in current techniques for sagging skin! Been tested for over 30 years for the POD thread that is dissolvable and creates collagen as it melts. Not just lifting upwards but replacing the ligaments, skin and muscle to the original positions is the key! Creating slim and smooth facial contour by non-surgical method.


Types of Threads 








Lifting with American

 Breand V-Loc that has

 20 hooks per 1cm

Ultra V-Lift 

The most commonly used

 thread that is effective for 

skin elasticity

Golden Thread

Promoting blood circulation

 and improvement of skin 

elasticity with lifting effect


360 degree hooks like rose 

homs that provide stronger 

fixation and longer maintenance



Applying various shapes of 

thread according to each type.

 Provides volume with the 

lifting effect








Provides more volume by

 dissolvable thread with hooks


Creates mesh shape that is 

effective for nasolabial folds

 and sagging lower face

EZ Lift 

Specially designed thread 

with small hooks that is 

effective for skin elasticity 


Inserting several scaffold

 type threads for skin lifting

 or bridge augmentation

Whirtwind Midas Lift 

Thread with hom-shape

 hooks that is effective for

 smooth facial contouring 

and sagging skin


PDO(Polydioxanone) Absorbable Medical Thread

Stitching fiber that has been on clinical use for over 30 years. It gets absorbed into body within 6 months and has been widely used for lifting procedure. PDO thread comes in various shapes and hooks that can give accurate and effective lifting and fixation for sagging skin. It also promotes collagen production as it's inserted so skin rejuvenation and elasticity improvement can be expected


Outstanding Lifting Effect  

Absorbable Medical Thread lifts up the sagging skin with strong fixation.

Improvement of skin tone. Whitening Effect 
Promotes blood circulation, metabolism and collagen production for skin rejuvenation and whitening of skin.

Fundamental Improvement for skin elasticity and wrinkles
Provides collagen production which is effective for fine and thick wrinkles.

Cellulite improvement
Improves irregular skin contour.

Fundamental skin strength gets improved by collagen production after thread lifting.
Obvious increase of collagen fiber and blood vessels can be observed after PDO Thread Lifting

Candidate for Thread lift

01. Mid-age group in their 40s~50s who are experiencing sagging skin from aging
02. Want to improve severely sagging lower face/jaw line and achieve v-line regardless that age
03. Want to improve nasolabial fold, sagging cheek or jaw line, buccal fat, under chin or neck wrinkles 
04. Want to improve sagging skin after two-jaw surgery or facial contouring 
05. Want to improve skin and wrinkles via non-surgical method

Provide regaining of skin strength in a very natural and safe way. 
Design and Method of Thread Lift according to each part.

01. Design the thread direction according to the sagging and facial part.
Shallow insertion of threads for thin skin parts such as under the eyes, upper part of nasolabial folds and etc. but deeper insertion as it gets to the lower face for effective 
lifting result. Dr.Wonsuk Oh's thread lift technique provides effective yet natural result without visible threads from outer surface of skin.

02. Prcise procedure is carried out after sufficient consultation with Dr.Wonsuk Oh.
The result can be seen on the day of the surgery and more improvement such as whitening, wrinkle correction, stronger skin and etc. can be checked over the time 
after 2 weeks as collagen gets produced.


         Designing and Insertion


       Lifting of sagging skin and fixation 


       Post Fixation

            IV Sedation with local anesthesia

       allows painless procedure.

            Inject the threads in suitable positions and 

       give fixation after lifting without any incision.

            Heal light laser treatment of injections can

       promote faster deswelling and recovery.

Cautions Before the Procedure

1. Minimal bruising, swelling and tightening sensation may take place but will be gone in a few days. 2. Edema : Edema may be created on the surgery day but will subside starting from the very next day. It may last 1-2 days more depending on the patient's skin condition

 and blood circulation.

3. Needle Marks : Little marks will be created on where the thread was inserted but will disappear in 2-3 days. 4. Bruise : Unless the patient is on aspirin, OMEGA 3, or ginkgo leaf products bruising doesn't happen commonly. In case of partial bruising,it will naturally go away over 5-7

days. However, severe bruising around the eyes(for eye wrinkle procedure) may last for 2 weeks. 5. Pulling Sensation : Patient may feel tightening sensation on the face but will go away in few days. 6. For muscle reduction cases, twitching feeling may take place a few times in a week.

7. Patient may feel the thread when it's inserted close to the skin for fine wrinkle correction.We assist you for faster recovery and more effective result. Post Care and Home-Care Methods

After Thread Lift

- Edema, needle marks, bruise: Ice Pack Massage at Home - Stop medications or supplements such as aspirin, OMEGA 3, ginkgo leaf products, Vitamin E and etc, starting from 1week before the surgery to minimize any bruising. - For severely bruised cases, our clinic provides recovery injections and treatments.

After Ultra V Lift

- Although the tightening sensation may occur, too much facial massage is not recommended. - In case of sharp pain, Tylenol can correct it. - Light facial washing or shower with warm water is possible even on the surgery day. - Make up, light exercise is possible starting from 1 day after the surgery. - Please avoid hot bath or sauna for 1 week from the surgery day.


◆ Treatment Plan 

      01. Examine the nose condition, 

      bone structure and soft tissue 

      through 3D CT scanning

           02Consult with Rhinoplasty 

           Specialist Dr. Jae Hoon Kim

          03. Devise a surgery plan

           suitable for each patient

             04. Perform surgery and 

             monitor recovery