Surgical information     


         Anesthesia: General

         Postop Visit: 3-4 Times

         Stitch Removal: None

         Postop Care : Bruising&Swelling Care


What is soft breast surgery?


At April31 Plastic Surgery Clinic, our breast surgery includes beautiful shape, volume and softness. April31 creates best results by taking each patient's body measurements, skin type and elasticity into consideration when making a surgery plan.


Achieve natural breasts precisely and safely with April31 Plastic Surgery Clinic

Soft Breast Surgery by April31 Plastic Surgery Clinic

1. Patient's saftey is our priority

2. Considers shape and softness

3. Focuses on scar treatment

4. Aims for zero Capsular Contracture

5. Minimized pain

6. Great breast care program

7. Breast surgery experts

 1. Breast surgery that considers patient's safety as a priority

Precious Breast Analysis   

A precious breast analysis   

is done before the surgery   


 Breast Specialists Experienced 

  breast specialists guide you 

  through the whole process

 Anesthesiologist on Site   

Anesthesiologist is with the   

 patient from the start to   

end of surgery   

  University Level Operation 

  Facilities Clean operation 

  system, monitoring system 

  and UPS on site

2. Soft breast surgery for autiful shape and softness

Real breasts must be soft!

1. Suitable shape and softness

April31 finds a suitable shape for each patient and makes them as soft as possible.

2. Suitable implant for each patient

Suitable size, shape and type of implants are chosen for each patient.

3. Aiming for zero capsular contracture



     No-touch Technique

     Precise insertion is made regardless 

     of implant type and incision area

      Disposable Keller Funnel 

      Disinfected disposable Keller Funnel  

      reduces the risk of infection

       Latest Endoscope Precise operation 

       is performed with ultrasound and 

       endoscopic device

4. Minimized Pain


  General anesthesia without throat pain

 Throat pain is reduced after general 

 anesth esia with LMA


 2 step intercostal anesthesia

 Postop pain is reduced with 

 intercostal anesthesia

5. Minimized Scarring


 Minimized Scarring

 Minimum incision and use of dermabond

 Minimized incison and use of dermabond reduces scarring.


 Scar care clinic

 Scar care program helps with fast recovery.



 1. 1:1 Aftercare program

       Personalized after care program

 2. Safe and high tech equipment

       Aftercare equipment for scarring

       depending on the scar condition

 3. Regular Breast ultrasound

      Regular breast ultrasound examination

      for preventing implant shift and capsular 


Suitable incision and implant location considering the patient's life pattern and body type.


Surgical Method of Soft Breast Surgery

1. Surgical Methods depending on the incision area

 Periareolar Incision

Incision around the areola

 Sub-mammary Incision

3-4cm Incision in the crease under breast

 Transaxillary Incision

2-4cm incision under the arm


 • Allows more precise operation since it's easier 

   to reach the operation field from the incision area.

• Effective in revision, correction of sagging breasts, chest deformity and asymmetric breast correction.


• Impossible in cases with less than 2cm areolas


• The procedure is simple and allows clear vision 

   for the surgeon.

• Effective in revision and correction of sagging 



• The scar may be visible when laying down.



• The scar gets natural and hard to notice 

   as it fades away

• No temporal weakening of mammilla sense 

   right after the surgery


• Arm movements may cause discomfort 

   right after the surgery

• Postoperative pain may increase due 

   to the wider range of operation field.


2.  Surgical Methods depending on the placement of the implant


 1. Subglandular Insertion implant insertion between glandular tissues and chest muscle Merits


• Easy to make the natural breast shape.

• Simple operation with relatively less pain.


• The demarcation of the implant may be seen 

   or touched if the skin is thin.

• The texture may feel not so natural when done 

   by Teardrop Implant.

• Comparatively higher risk of capsular contracture.


2. Submuscular Insertion implant insertion below the chest muscle 


• No transparency of the implant.

   Smooth and natural postoperative texture.

• Low chance of capsular contracture.


• Chance of breast shape transformation 

   due to the chest muscle contraction.

• Constant postoperative care is needed since 

   the location of the implant may get shifted upward.


 3. Subfascial Insertion implant insertion between the fascia that covers the chest muscle and the chest muscle


• All the merits of both subglandular 

   and submuscular method yet the demerits 

   can be improved.


• Not recommended when big implants 

   are needed for hard skin patient



 4. Dual-plane Insertion upper part of the implant insertion below the chest muscle, 

     lower part above the chest muscle


 Can make the lower part 

   of the breast full and plump.

• For cases of sagging breasts, additional 

   volume can be given around 

   the upper part.

• Prevents postoperative double line.


• High level of experience and technique 

   is required since the procedure has a high level of difficulty.

 ◆ How Breast Surgery Is Performed





 01. Examine and analyze patient's

        condition with ultrasound scan

 02.  Comsult wiht breast surgery

         specialist Dr.Jea Woo Kim

 03.  Devise a surgeyr plan suitabie

         for each patient

 04.  Perform surgery and monitor