Improvement of overall facial flaws


From acne and scar treatment to skin regeneration anti-aging procedure that gives you a youthful look


Assigned after a consultation with an operating medical team

Operating Doctor Dr. Kim Yong Hyun

Anesthesia: anesthesia with cream

In-clinic treatment: none

String removal :none

Recovery care: none

What is PRP? 

PRP has an overall skin regeneration effect which can be achieved by injecting thrombocyte 

that has a great regeneration capability. This is a leading anti-aging procedure that is also 

known as 'autologous skin regeneration'. 

Since you are injecting thrombocyte that is drawn from your own blood, it improves overall flaws including acne scars, pores, discoloration, skin texture, skin tone and wrinkles. 

We april31 promises you a youthful and healthy look with an appropriate procedure with a careful analysis done by our operating medical team.

APRIL 31 CLINIC Characteristics of PRP

Regeneration of skin with acne and scars

Improvement of harsh skin texture

Overall face regeneration effect

Does not affect your daily life

Improvement of wrinkles and elasticity of skin

Improvement of overall aged skin


Candidates for PRP

Person who has a serious case of creases and wrinkles

Person who wants to improve acne scars 

Person who wants to improve a dull skin tone

Person who wants an overall skin regeneration

Add a natural looking volume to your face safely and precisely.

Steps of PRP Procedure

STEP 1 Consultation

Consult about skin flaws its' solution for an improvement with the operating medical team.

STEP 2 Collection of thrombocyte by drawing blood

After drawing 10-15cc of blood, plasma is separated by using a centrifuge machine.

STEP 3 Anesthesia with cream

A simple anesthesia using cream is performed 

* 30-50 minutes of waiting

STEP 4 PRP procedure

A medical staff injects PRP using a syringe.

STEP 5 Sedation and regenerating laser treatment

A treatment that gives you a steady long lasting effect is performed.