◆ Surgical information     


Specialized surgeon: Dr. Jae Hoon Kim, Chief Director 

Anesthesia :IV Sedation + Local Anesthesia

Post operative treatment visits : 3-4 times

Stitch removal :5-7 days after

Recovery Care : Bruising and swelling care 

 ◆ What is Dynamic Tip Plasty?  


Natural tip as if it were your own. There is almost 0% of complications such as contracture 

(upturning nose)

General rhinoplasty just applies implant all the way to the nasal tip or strong fixation of cartilages or medpor merely on purpose of aesthetic completion. This may cause unnatural nose shape, stiff tip or recurrence with complications.

Dynamic Tip Plasty', April31's independent technique, uses only your own cartilage land tissues to perform safe and dynamic rhinoplasty.

 *Actual patient of dynamic tip plasty-Revision Rhinoplasty+ Upturned nose Correction

 ◆ Features of April31 PS Dynamic Tip Plasty 

01. Use only autologous cartilage allowing safe and natural tip

02. Soft tip with autologous cartilage so yes, you can do the piggy nose!

03. Design considering the golden ratio from the nasal tip to the lips

04. Special tip plasty technique only at April31 PS

05. Minimize the possibility of complication such as contracture 

"Like it was yours from the beginning 

 The Most natural and beautiful nose by April31 Plastic Surgery, Dynamic Tip Plasty"

Beautiful nose cannot be achieved by surgery focused only on the shape. Not only the tip shape design but even all the detailed tip movements should be considered in the surgery to achieve a really beautiful and natural nose. Get the natural and beautiful nasal tip without worries of artificial look and complications regarding the stiffness by April31 PS Dynamic Tip Plasty. Dynamic Tip Plasty examines individual patient's nasal cartilage structure and condition then designs according to the angle of nose and lips, and overall face balance. Only soft autologous cartilages such as septum or ear cartilage are used to keep the tip projection. The columella will be strong yet the damage to the part that keeps the tip soft will be minimal.


 April31 Dr. Jae Hoon Kim's academic paper about Tip Plasty is registered in International Academic Journals


Dr. Jae Hoon Kim proved that soft nasal tip by using septum cartilage can be achieved on world-wide reputable journal, APS (Archieves of Plastic Surgery)


APS International Journal Academic paper titled 'Effective Septal Extension Graft for Asian Rhinoplasty' by Dr. Jae Hoon Kim

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Registered in one of the most reputable academic journals around the world, PRS.   

"Tip Extension Suture: A New Tool Tailored for Asian Rhinoplasty", 2014. 11.












◆ Surgical Methods of Dynamic Tip Plasty 

Precise and Safe way to create the natural nose curve


Mere grafting of autologous cartilage on the nasal tip can cause revision after some time. Dynamic Tip Plasty that releases and fixes the nasal tip cartilage will prevent the shape change and achieve naturally beautiful nose permanently.


 01.  Tip Plasty using alar cartilage 

 Sufficiently release alar cartilage then fix it to lengthen the nasal tip.


 02.  Tip Plasty with autologous cartilage 

 Complete tip fixation by autologous cartilage after releasing the tip to prevent the tip getting shorter again.


 03. Tip Plasty by cartilage insertion 

 Correction by inserting cartilage to achieve sufficient lengthening and prevent recurrence.


04.  Bridge + Tip extension using rib cartilage 

 When short of cartilages to use due to many surgeries, rib cartilage can be used to lengthen(augment) the bridge and tip. After releasing alar cartilage, fix rib and alar cartilages together to prevent recurrence and retain smooth bridge line.

Before and after  



◆ Treatment Plan 

01. Examine the nose condition, bone structure and soft tissue through 3D CT scanning

 02Consult with Rhinoplasty Specialist Dr. Jae Hoon Kim

 03. Devise a surgery plan suitable for each patient

 04. Perform surgery and monitor recovery