Surgical information      


Performed by Dr. Sung Wan Park

Anesthesia: General Anesthesia

Hospitalization: 3 to 4 times

Stitch Removal : In 7 days

Postoperative Care : Bruising & Swelling care


What Is 3D Full Cheekbone Reduction?

This procedure reduces the wide and protruded frontal, 45° angle and side cheekbone using rotation technique. The protruded cheekbone looking unsophisticated and coarse from the 45° angle will be turned into elegant and feminine shape.

About 1cm length Incision is made inside the mouth or behind the sideburns to rotate and reduce the cheekbone precisely according to 3D CT simulation. Then it is firmly fixed with plates and fixing pins without a 1-mm difference. The surgery takes 1 to 2 hours and hospitalization is needed after surgery for up to one day.




√ Check Point 1

Effect of April31's 3D Full Cheekbone Reduction  

1. Narrow Wide Face

    Narrow the wide face by reducing both front and side cheekbone 

2. Produce More Feminine and Gentle Image 

    Improve the masculine and rough image from square face

3. Prevent Cheek Sagging through Perfect Fixation 

    Prevent cheek sagging through precise osteotomy and perfect fixation

4. Perform Safe Surgery after One-on-One Consultation with The Operating Surgeon 

    Facial Contouring Specialist Dr. Sung Wan Park of extensive surgical experience and superior techniques directly 

    consults with the patients and performs the surgery.

← Actual April31's patient who had facial contouring surgery



Candidates for 3D Full Cheekbone Reduction

Those who have an unsophisticated and rough facial image due to large and protruding cheekbone

Those who have flat and wide face

Those who have severely protruded 45° angle cheekbone under the eye when looked in the mirror from 45° angle


√ Check Point 2  

Checklist before Cheekbone Reduction

  1. Did you take a precise CT scan before surgery?

For facial bone surgery, it is critical to adequately examine not just the bone structure but also the related soft tissues.

  2. Is the surgery performed by a facial contouring specialist?

The success of Cheekbone Reduction is dependent on the extensive surgical experience and accumulated know-how of a facial contouring specialist.

  3. Patients are advised to refrain from opening the mouth wide or eating hard food for two weeks after surgery 

      while the reduced bone settles.

All facial contouring surgery at April 31 is conducted by 

Facial Contouring Specialist Dr. Sung Wan Park





The Reason April 31's Cheekbone Reduction Is Special

1. Detailed Examination of Cheekbone Structure and Precise Surgery with High-Tech Zenith 3D CT

It is crucial to closely examine all the details of the surgical area including the bone structure, the location of blood vessels and nerve lines in advance of facial bone surgery.

Zenith 3D CT scanning system optimized for facial contouring surgery produces simultaneous 2D and 3D images, which enable more precise and accurate surgery.

2. Prevent Nonunion and Cheek Sagging through Perfect Fixation

Nonunion occurs if the Cheek Bone moves by internal and external forces after surgery. Depending on postoperative symptoms, development and severity of synostosis and fibrous union, and cosmetic reasons, revision surgery can be necessary.

April 31 Plastic Surgery Clinic prevents cheek sagging from nonunion through perfect fixation. Also, if cheek sagging occurs due to reduced elasticity of skin and soft tissue postoperative care including skin lifting can be provided.

3. All Facial Contouring Surgery by Dr. Sung Wan Park

Successful facial contouring surgery is dependent on clinical experience and surgical know-how of the operating surgeon.

All facial contouring surgery at April 31 is safely conducted by Facial Contouring Specialist Dr. Sung Wan Park and guarantees a natural-looking outcome.





Three-Dimensionally considering All Front, 45° Angle, and Side View 

Surgical Method of April 31's 3D Full Cheekbone Reduction

To three-dimensionally reduce severely protruded cheekbone, it needs to be sufficiently rotated and the protruded cheekbone area under the eye needs to be relocated to inner and lower location. Appropriate surgical technique is applied depending on the type of the cheekbone protrusion.

3D Full Cheekbone Reduction that Reduces Cheekbone with Unsophisticated and Coarse Look




STEP01 Grind the cheekbone area to be remove as much as necessary through intra-oral incision


Cut the frontal and lateral cheekbone to separate the arch-shaped side cheekbone, and push in the separated part to narrow the volume


Perfectly fix the cheekbone to prevent cheek sagging and nonunion

Accurate Diagnosis and Precise Surgery Outcome with High-Tech Zenith 3D CT 3D CT Images of Before and After 3D Complex Cheekbone Reduction


Case 1 Cheekbone Reduction From Above



  Narrow wide and front cheekbone and produce slender outline


Case 2 Cheekbone Reduction Side View 

  Prevent cheek sagging with perfect fixation and produce slim facial contour


Case 3 Cheekbone Reduction From Below


  Produce slim facial contour all in front, side and 45°angle view

◆ Treatment Plan





     01.Examine facial structure and 

     surrounding soft tissue through 

     3D CT scanning

    02. Consult with Facial Contouring 

    Specialist Dr. Sung Wan Park

    03.Devise a surgery plan suitable 

     for each patient


    04.Perform surgery and monitor