Surgical information  

Performed by Dr. Sung Wan Park

Anesthesia: Local Anesthesia + Sedation

Postoperative Visit: 2 to 3 times

Stitch Removal: In 7 days

Postoperative Care: Bruising & Swelling care

What Is Balanced Micro Autologous Fat Grafting?

Excessive fat in stomach, thighs or other areas is harvested and purified, and then it is injected to sunken or flat facial areas. This procedure produces balanced, youthful face

with added volume and liposuction effect as well.

Since it uses autologous fat, there is no risk of negative reaction to a foreign matter, and autologous cellular regeneration is induced with the effect of skin cell regeneration.



Anti-aging Facial VolumeDesigner, Dr. Sung Wan Park's Own 

Special Micro Autologous Fat Grafting

1. High survival rate of fat graft with profound surgical experience

2. Uniformly graft fat with meticulous technique

3. Perform safe surgery and produce satisfying outcome through academicre

search on micro fat grafting using stem cells andautologous blood

4. Avoid producing typical artificial look of Gangnam beauties, and create

natural balance rather than giving volume as much as possible.


Systems for Precise Micro Fat Grafting


Lipokit centrifuge of Medi-Khan

for purifying fat 


Ultralow-temperature medical freezer

for safe storage of fat 


Maxstem incubator that uses 360° rotation

and enzymes and can separate stem cells

twice as much as regular system


Pure centrifuged micro fat 

Advantages of April 31's Micro Autologous FatGrafting

01. Purified micro autologous fat produces highsurvival rate of fat graft

02. Everyday activities and taking a shower are allowed from the day after surgery

03. As a minimally invasive procedure, it hardly leaves a scar

04. The effect of postoperative swelling is considered to produce natural-looking voluminous face

05. There is no risk of side effects from foreign matter

06. Rough facial contour is smoothed out and improved

Fat Grafting Is Performed on

 • Flat forehead

• Temple 

 • Nasal ridge

• Cheek 

 • Lip

• Asymmetric facial contour 

 • Short chin

• Nasolabial folds 

 • Under-eye Wrinkles, dark circles

• Back of the hand 

 • Sunken cheek undermeath side cheekbone

 • Small breast 

• Buttocks augnetation 

Candidates for Micro Autologous Fat Grafting

Those who have lost facial volume due to diet

Those whose regular-sized face looks flat and largerwithout three-dimensional effect

Those who want to improve their skinny and square face and give it a soft look

Those who want to increase volume of flat breasts and buttocks

Those who want to reduce angular or masculine look

Surgical Method of Micro Autologous Fat Grafting


 Increase facial volume and complete a natural-looking, balanced face with safe and precise technique.

Design for fat grafting + painless sedative anesthesia

STEP 2  

Autologous fat harvest and purification

Make a design for fat grafting and induce local anesthesia and sedation minimizing pain.

*The surgery takes one hour or up to an hour and a half depending on the size of surgery site.

Harvest autologous fat from stomach, back of thighs, or inner

thighs that have a large amount of fat, and centrifuge the harvested

 fat through Lipokit centrifuge that can separate stem cells as well.

Micro autologous fat grafting

Postoperative swelling, bruising and recovery program

Inject purified autologous fat to forehead, cheek and receding chin that requires more volume  

with meticulous and detailed technique. Incision is less than 5 mm and invisible.

Everyday activities and taking a shower are allowed from the

day aftersurgery.

Tips on How to Help Autologous Fat Graft Last Longer

For high survival rate of fat graft, April 31's fat grafting uniformly and meticulously transforms micro fat and provides favorable environment for improved survival of fat grafts.

Also, it is advisable to provide sufficient nutrition to adipose cells to help them survive. Going on a diet and rubbing or massaging the graft site right after surgery decreases chance of fat survival.

How Micro Autologous Fat Grafting Is Performed

01. Identify overall facial balance and contour and decidethe fat harvest site through ultrasonography and photo images

 02. Consult with Facial Contouring Specialist Dr. Sung Wan Park

03. Devise a surgery plan suitable for each patient

04. Perform surgery and monitor recovery


Before and after