◆ Surgical information    

Performed by Dr. Sung Wan Park

Anesthesia: Sedative Anesthesia

Hospitalization: 2 to 3 times

Stitch Removal : In 7 days

Postoperative Care : Bruising & Swelling care

What Is Quick Side Cheekbone Reduction?

If sides of cheekbone are more prominent than its 45° angle, the overall face looks large and is likely to be not photogenic. If the broad side cheekbone is reduced by this surgery, the face becomes more slender with smoother lateral contour.

This surgery is performed under sedative anesthesia unlike regular / full cheekbone reduction that uses general anesthesia, and narrows the face by cutting wide side-cheekbone through a 1-cm incision behind the sideburn instead of intra-oral incision. Since the surgery doesn't use incision inside the mouth, it causes little bruising and swelling and enables a quick recovery with high satisfaction of patients.

Because this procedure preserves the 45° angle of cheekbone, those who have a long face doesn't have to worry that it will make it look long or flat face as regular cheekbone reduction does for some cases.

  Actual April 31's patient who had facial contouring surgery 

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Effect of April31's 

Quick Cheekbone Reduction under Sedative Anesthesia 

01. Slender Face in Frontal View Due to Reduced Side Cheekbone

02. Safe Surgery with Sedative Anesthesia 30-Min Surgery Time

03. Quick Recovery! 3 Days only 


Candidates for Quick Side Cheekbone Reduction

• Those who want to narrow their wide face due to developed side cheekbone

• Those who are not photogenic due to wide cheekbone

• Those who have a face that is likely to look longer after regular cheekbone reduction

• Those who experienced only minor size change from primary cheekbone reduction

Reduce side cheekbone while preserving 45° angle cheekbone to narrow the face under sedative anesthesia

Surgical Method of April 31's Quick Side Cheekbone 

Reduction Surgery

This quick and simple procedure under sedative anesthesia effectively reduces broad side cheekbone through 90° osteotomy and bone resection.

 Regular Cheekbone Reduction


Quick Side Cheekbone Reduction 

Narrow all front, 45° angle and side cheekbone through intra-oral incision                                                



Effectively narrow broad side cheekbone with 90° osteotomy through a 1cm incision beside sideburn

General anesthesia


  Sedative anesthesia

-Reduce front, 45° angle and side cheekbone            

-Change a coarse and unsophisticated image into elegant and feminine one with reduced cheekbone 


-Reduce side cheekbone        

-Narrow the face with reduced side cheekbone    

-Appropriate for a long face

7-14 days



3-5 days

◆ Treatment Plan





     01.Examine facial structure and 

     surrounding soft tissue through 

     3D CT scanning

    02. Consult with Facial Contouring 

    Specialist Dr. Sung Wan Park

     03.Devise a surgery plan suitable 

     for each patient


     04.Perform surgery and monitor