Facial crease smoothing effect


From a square jaw reduction to a facial crease improvement


Assigned after a consultation with an operating medical team

Anesthesia: none

In-clinic treatment: none

String removal: none

Recovery care: none


What is botox?

Botulinum Toxin is a simple injection procedure that relaxes a contraction of muscles and 

it is very effective on square jaws, protruding chin, crease, wrinkles and glabellar lines.

A serious case of crease lines can be treated with botox and filler for a better result. Botox is used for nose bridge, upper lip and neck crease depending on a situation but since a nasolabial fold is a sensitive spot where it can cause a paralysis of muscle if injected with botox, we avoid this area for the procedure. At April 31 Plastic Surgery Clinic, we only use genuine products and inject a right amount of dosage after analyzing the problem by our medical team.


Advantages of Botox

Improvement on forehead, glabellar, wrinkles, creases

Improvement of square jaws

Improvement on folds and creases that appear when smiling

No scar with a simple injection procedure


Possible Injecting Areas

      · Forehead

      · Glabellar

      · Eye

      · Nose Bridge

      · Upper Lip

      · Neck




Candidates for Botox Procedure

A person who had a bone cutting surgery, but still has developed jaw muscles

A person who has developed jaw muscles (Self-diagnosis tip: when you tighten your jaws, if muscles stick out under your ears then it means jaw muscles are developed)

A person who wants to improve wrinkles on forehead, eyes, center of eye brows 

A person who needs a V-line in a short time



Add a natural looking volume to your face safely and precisely. 

Steps of Botox Procedure

STEP 1 Consultation

Consult about problems and solutions for skin with the medical team. 

STEP 2 Botox Procedure

A medical staff performs a botox procedure on the area where it needs an improvement

Postoperative Cautions 

1. A rare case of bruising and swelling might occur but it will disappear within few days 

2. A result will show within a week but it normally takes up to 4weeks for the final result to show 

3. You might experience some discomfort when biting and chewing for a month 

4. Avoid chewing and biting something hard to prevent muscle development 5. The effect lasts for 

    about 4 -7 months and depending on use of muscle, it can vary