Rejuvenate Tired-Looking Eyes Lower Eyelid Surgery

Remove Dark Circles and Under-Eye Wrinkles through Minimal Incision
And Create Under-Eye Love Bands for Youthful Look

Candidates for Lower Eyelid Surgery !

  1. Those who have protruding under eye fat pads
  2. Those who have under-eye wrinkles caused by aging and skin sagging
  3. Those who have severe dark circles
  4. Those who want to under-eye love bands

Different Techniques of Lower Eyelid Surgery

  1. If under-eye fat pads are protruded

    Under-Eye Fat Removal.
    Part of under-eye fat is resected through a small incision on the conjunctiva. This is effective to remove part of protruded fat under the eye that has young and elastic skin.
    Because excessive resection of skin during Lower Eyelid Surgery causes ectropion, in which lower eyelid is turned outward, patients are strongly advised to have surgery from experienced and skilled eyelid surgery specialist.

  2. Remove bulging under-eye fat pads and dark circles at once

    Minimally Invasive Lower Eyelid Surgery
    - Bulging under-eye fat is removed, and in order to prevent
    it from protruding, orbicular muscle is lifted through a small incision in the outer corner of the eye and orbital septum is also fixed in the lateral direction

  3. Remove fine lines

    This procedure resects skin only and is appropriate for those who have no protruding under-eye fad but have developed plenty fine lines due to loose skin.

  4. Improve sagging lower eyelid and cheeks at once (SOOF Lift)

    If both lower eyelids and cheeks are sagging, this method raises fat layer under the muscle on the cheekbone area. This procedure rejuvenates the overall area.

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