Do Your Eyes Always Look Sleepy? Eye Reshaping

Correct Sleepy-Looking III-Defined Eyes
With or without Incision

What Is Eye Contouring?

If your eyes still look small and sleepy even after double eyelid surgery, this is because the eye-elevating muscles are weak. The eye-elevating muscles consist of levator palpebrae superioris muscle and Müller's muscle, and if any of them becomes weak regardless of the cause, the eye-elevating muscles loosen, have difficulty in opening the eyes, and create a habit of opening the eyes by raising forehead and eyebrows. In this case, eye contouring surgery (ptosis correction) is required to pull the loose muscles and raise the eye-elevation power, and non-incision or incision method is chosen depending on the conditions of individual patient.

Do I Need Eye Contouring Surgery? Try Self-Diagnosis.

If you agree to two or more items, you need eye contouring

Different Techniques of Eye Contouring Surgery

  1. If you want buried suture method and in-fold double eyelid Non-Incision Eye Contouring

    Use buried suture technique without incision - Enable a quick recovery with reduced bruising and swelling • Applicable to men who want to have in-fold double eyelids

  2. If you have double eyelid fold or don't want to make one ( Transconjunctival Ptosis Correction)

    This procedure corrects ptosis by resecting levator palpebrae superioris muscle and Müller's muscle through transconjunctival incision without cutting on the skin.

  3. If you want to correct severe ptosis (Incisional Eye Reshaping)

    Incisional method takes a longer time to settle than buried suture method and is likely to leave a scar on the upper eyelid. However, the new Dynamic Double Eyelid Surgery reduces recovery period and surgery scar, overcoming the weaknesses of incisional method.

  • SINCE 1999, 4월31일 히스토리

    SINCE 1999, 4월31일 히스토리

    한자리에서 16년, "변함없는 의료진" 4월31일의 수술결과에 대한 마음과 신뢰는 한자리에서 16년간 성장한 분야별 전문의료진들이 증명합니다.

  • 대학병원급 클린 수술시스템

    만족스러운 수술결과는 최상의 수술시스템에서 완성됩니다.

    총4개 수술실운영, 대형2 / 중형2 24시간 모니터닝 시스템 무균 시스템을 위한 스크럽대 완비 대학병원급 클린 수술시스템으로 안전과 결과를 약속합니다.

  • 협진 시스템


    4월31일성형외과에서는 더 안전하고 완벽한 수술결과를 위해 분야별 전담 6명의 전문의들이 최상의 수술방법을 논의하고 계획합니다.

  • 입소문으로 말하는 4월31일

    지인 90% 결과에 대한 믿음과 신뢰를 증명합니다.

    분야별 전담 의료진들의 분야별 특화된 수술테크닉 10년 이상 경력을 지닌 전문 상담직원 분야별 전담 의료진, 수술시스템은 지인에게도 안심하고 소개할 수 있는 결과에 대한 믿음과 신뢰를 말합니다.

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