Complete Smooth and Well-Defined Eye Shape

Partial Incision Double Eyelid Surgery

The procedure has strengths of both buried suture and incision method and creates well-defined and smooth double eyelid folds.

What Is Partial Incision Double Eyelid Surgery?

As a combination of non-incision and incision method, this procedure has strengths of the two techniques.
The shape and length of incision is adjusted depending on the eyelid conditions of individual patient, and this surgery is effective for muscle resection, under-eye fat removal and correction of slight ptosis. This partial incisional technique makes the outer double eyelid fold distinctive and inner fold softer, and it produces a good result to young women

Strengths of April 31's Partial Incision Double Eyelid Surgery

When this method was first introduced, because non-incision method (buried suture) at the time was likely to come undone and incision
method produced a large scar and excessive swelling, partial incision technique won popularity as a groundbreaking method. However, partial incision is not popular as before, as non-incision and incision methods have been substantially improved.
Partial incision allows relatively easy surgical manipulation almost as much as a surgeon wants,
and creates a well-defined eye shape with strong adhesion that doesn't come undone.

Candidates for Partial Incision Double Eyelid Surgery

  1. Those who are a candidate for Buried Suture Double Eyelid Surgery but have partially developed sagging on eyelid skin
  2. Those who had Buried Suture Double Eyelid Surgery but whose double eyelid folds came undone.
  3. Those who have a large amount fat in eyelid

  • SINCE 1999, 4월31일 히스토리

    SINCE 1999, 4월31일 히스토리

    한자리에서 16년, "변함없는 의료진" 4월31일의 수술결과에 대한 마음과 신뢰는 한자리에서 16년간 성장한 분야별 전문의료진들이 증명합니다.

  • 대학병원급 클린 수술시스템

    만족스러운 수술결과는 최상의 수술시스템에서 완성됩니다.

    총4개 수술실운영, 대형2 / 중형2 24시간 모니터닝 시스템 무균 시스템을 위한 스크럽대 완비 대학병원급 클린 수술시스템으로 안전과 결과를 약속합니다.

  • 협진 시스템


    4월31일성형외과에서는 더 안전하고 완벽한 수술결과를 위해 분야별 전담 6명의 전문의들이 최상의 수술방법을 논의하고 계획합니다.

  • 입소문으로 말하는 4월31일

    지인 90% 결과에 대한 믿음과 신뢰를 증명합니다.

    분야별 전담 의료진들의 분야별 특화된 수술테크닉 10년 이상 경력을 지닌 전문 상담직원 분야별 전담 의료진, 수술시스템은 지인에게도 안심하고 소개할 수 있는 결과에 대한 믿음과 신뢰를 말합니다.

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