What is Hump Nose?

Hump nose refers to a nose with a bump on the bridge. It can be corrected by rasping off the protruding nasal bone and cartilage
Hump nose can make the nasal root look relatively lower and the tip droopy which can create an arrow-like shape. This may create stubborn look with older look image

Cause of Hump Nose

Nasal Osteotomy was considered as a very complicated surgery previously so often performed under general anesthesia. However, thanks to the improvements of surgical methods and equipment, it can now be performed in much simpler ways with less postoperative swelling and pain.
Every osteotomy at April31 PS is performed simply under sedated local anesthesia, and suitable surgical method is designed based on the level of protrusion and its cause.

Precise and Safe way to achieve natural nose curve
Surgical Methods of Hump Nose

1. Low nasal root

Method of Correction Simple removal of the hump. Root and tip Augmentation by autologous cartilage. Implant may be used to augment the bridge if necessary

2. Relatively not so low nasal root with severe hump

Remove both bone and cartilage on the hump area. The surface of the bone after the removal can be rasped to created smoother bridge

3. Severe Hump Nose with big and wide overall nasal bone

Careful approach is needed since the width of the bridge may look wide from the frontal view when only the hump is removed. Osteotomy for the nasal bone should be performed together with the hump removal.

4. Whereas the nasal root is high yet the tip is droopy

Project the tip after removing the hump. Adjust the high nasal root to the bridge and create suitable angle of the nasal tip to avoid the overall nose looking big. Implant for the bridge is not recommended unless it's necessary.

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