Dr. Jaewoo Kim, Invited Speaker for the ‘Aesthetic Conference’ hosted by the Department of Plastic Surgery, Soonchunhyang University

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  • 2019-11-28


On November 19, 2019, Dr. Jaewoo Kim from April 31 Plastic Surgery Clinic specialized in breast surgery 

was invited as a speaker at the ‘Aesthetic Conference’ hosted by the Department of Plastic Surgery, Soonchunhyang University.



Soonchunhyang University's plastic surgery department is a place where colleagues, 

seniors and juniors gather for in-depth discussion with a specific topic in a specific subject of plastic surgery. 

It is an academic exchange with history and traditions for 112 times.




Dr. Jaewoo Kim's 'Glandular Reposition Technique for Sagging Breasts' presented a new concept of sagging breast surgery 

and discussed about more effective and efficient surgical method.


Not only does it improve sagging, but it also understands different breast shapes and mammary gland tissues for each individual, 

and then repositions the glandular to find the right volume for each individual.




Dr. Jaewoo Kim's lecture, which presented a new concept of sagging breasts, 

received a lot of attention from fellow colleagues, seniors and juniors medical practitioners who attended the meetings, 

and became a place to share knowledge through heated discussions.





Dr. Jaewoo Kim's sagging breast surgery aims to improve pain and improve the quality of life by eliminating the fundamental cause.


Sagging breast surgery is one of the most satisfactory operations, 

but it is a plastic surgery that cannot be disregard the problem of 'scars'. 

This also aims at a much more satisfactory operation with minimal scars and surgery.



The surgeons and medical staffs of April 31 Plastic Surgery Clinic is always working hard on clinical experience and research.

Every day, we will always strive for better results, and we are also continuing academic exchanges with other medical staffs from home and abroad.