Dr. Jaehoon Kim Attended the 14th Korea-Japan Symposium ‘Korean aesthetic surgery and association of reconstructive surgeon’

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  • 2018-07-26




Chief director Dr. Jaehoon Kim provided presentation in the 14th Korea-Japan symposium ‘Korean aesthetic surgery and association of reconstructive surgeon’ 


The chief director of April 31st clinic, Dr. Jaehoon Kim, was invited to have speech in the 14th Korea-Japan symposium ‘Korean aesthetic surgery and association of reconstructive surgeon’.

Korea-Japan plastic surgery symposium was held since 1976 in Tokyo, Japan.

This symposium has been held in every 2 years in both countries alternately.

As the symposium is very prestige, the attendants are all well-known and professional surgeons.

Therefore, this symposium is where the professional doctors can share the know-how and their studies. 



Dr JaeHoon Kim provided presenation and the title was 'Appropriate use of artificial implant for Rhinoplasty'





Dr. Jaehoon Kim had speech of ‘Appropriate Use of Artificial Implant for Rhinoplasty’ last June 5th which was the last day of the symposium.

Chief Director Dr. Jaehoon Kim had spotlight of the attendants even before the speech starts as he is well-known surgeon as difficult nose surgery doctor. 

All the attendants of the symposium were very impressed by the speech of Dr. Jae hoon Kim.

And Dr.Kim who has been invited every year in the symposium said that “I try to do my best to make perfect speech even I’m invited every year.”

April 31st clinic is always trying to develop the Medical technique of Korea and attending the 14th  korea-japan plastic surgery symposium gave chance to move a one step forward.