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The 28th Annual Meeting of the Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon of Thailand  and the Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons of Thailand (THSAPS) 

was held at the Berkeley Hotel in Pratunam, Bangkok, Thailand from October 17th to 18th.






This year's annual meeting was organized by the Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon of Thailand (ThPRS) 

and the Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons of Thailand (ThSAPS).


THSAPS has been developing and introducing new technologies, surgeries and therapies for plastic surgeons for many years.

It has been growing as an annual event that emphasizes its importance and relevance to the plastic surgery community.


For the Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of Thailand (THSAPS), the chief director Dr. Jaehoon Kim 

from April31 Plastic Surgery Clinic was invited as an international speaker and provided presentation about nose surgery for two days. 





October 17th, on the first day of society,

Dr. Jaehoon Kim provided a presentation and discussion on algorithm approach for upturned nose correction with the title of

'Algorithmic Approach for Upturned Nose Correction' in 'Aesthetic Rhinoplasty I' session.







October 17th, on the second day of society, Dr. Jaehoon Kim provided a presentation with the title of

'Effective Use of Septal Extension Graft for Asian Rhinoplasty' in 'Aesthetic Rhinoplasty II' session 

about the effective use of nasal septum extension graft for Asian nose surgery.








Dr. Jaehoon Kim received great attention and interest by sharing information about nose surgery 

with Thai and other international medical specialists for two days.







THSAPS is a place where domestic and foreign plastic surgery experts gather together in more place and 

chief director Dr. Jaehoon Kim of April31 Plastic Surgery Clinic also had a meaningful time 

to get acquainted with experts in each field and to make academic exchanges.


Furthermore, it was a valuable opportunity for April31 Plastic Surgery Clinic 

to take another step forward to provide better medical services for our customers.





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