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Dr. Jae Woo Kim

Invited Speaker  

Gangnam Monthly Meeting of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
@Gangnam Severance Hospital, Seoul.


- Aesthetic Superiority & Safety of SMOOTH Breast Implant​ 




The 290th Gangnam monthly meeting of aesthetic plastic surgery was held in Gangnam severance hospital on 31st of March. The meeting aims to share and deliver current news or new methods of plastic surgery among board certified surgeons. Dr. Jae Woo Kim, April31’s breast surgery specialist was invited to provide presentation for this monthly meeting.




Dr. Jae woo Kim has provided presentation regarding breast surgery and the title of the presentation was ‘Aesthetic Superiority & Safety of SMOOTH Breast Implant’.



He provided presentation by comparing smooth implants with other types of implants and corrected misunderstanding and mis-concepts of the smooth breast implants, such as high percentage of occurrence of capsular contracture and the need for massaging after the operation. However, since there is a high risk of Breast Implant Associated – Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL)


Dr. Jaewoo Kim/ April31 Plastic surgery has shared his approach with other clinical surgeons through continuous research. As a breast specialist, he wants provide safe and aesthetic breast surgery to achieve glamorous and ideal breasts for his patients.



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