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Lee, Joo Heon MD

Article Outline : Asian faces have somewhat different characteristics that could be distinguished from those of the faces of whites in terms of both shape of the skull and facial fat. Asians usually have wide and flat faces with wide bizygomatic distance and underdeveloped premaxilla. Their facial fat is abundant around the malar and submalar regions. As the facial fat descends with aging, the Asian faces tend to be of a more rectangular and boxy shape. Along with facial tightening, more anatomically vertical, rather than oblique, repositioning of the descending facial fat is necessary to obtain more attractive angular facial shape in a rectangular face.1,2 As the malar is highlighted in a higher position with the improvement of submalar fullness and the jaw line is clearly defined by vertical repositioning of the facial fat, the facial shape can be more attractive and angular.3 We have done the extended superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) facelift technique4 with modification of the design of malar SMAS to regain attractive malar highlight without the widening of bizygomatic distance in Asian faces.

The #PRSGlobalOpen Video of the Month comes from "Asian Facial Rejuvenation by Extended SMAS Facelift Technique" and demonstrates the suture fixation of the SMAS flap.
Watch here: http://bit.ly/SutureFixationVid  

And read the article: http://bit.ly/SMASfacelift 




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