Is there any way to reduce swelling faster?
What is the cause of hair loss? Could it occur if you wash hair too frequently or wear a hat too often?
What recovery process does a patient experience after surgery?
How many surgical procedures are required?
Is hair transplant expensive?
Will you have thick hair all over your head after hair transplant?
How soon does your hair grow after hair transplant?
I feel embarrassed of my gums that are too exposed when I smile. Is it surgically corrected?
I want to remove my plump cheeks. How could it be done?
Can you regain cheek fat if you gain weight?
I want to have dimples. Is it possible to make them?
My body odor is a problem.
I have excessive underarm sweating and the sweat smells a bit. Is it body odor or excessive sweating?
Is it true that axillary osmidrosis is hereditary?
When should you have a surgery for axillary osmidrosis?
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